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Chapter 7

Instructing Users About How to Set Up Cisco Mobile for Nokia on the Phone

Setting Up Cisco Mobile for Deployments with Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Preparing Instructions for Setting Up VPN and Wi-Fi Access on the Phone

Users must be able to access the corporate network on their phone before they can set up Cisco Mobile.

If the following information is not already available at your company, prepare and post this information for users, for example on an internal web page or wiki:

Instructions for setting up VPN access to the corporate network, if not already set up on the phone. VPN access is required so that Cisco Mobile can communicate with Cisco Unified Communications Manager when the user is not on corporate premises.

For more information, see your Nokia documentation and consult your corporate VPN application documentation or administrator.


Corporate Wi-Fi access typically provides faster response times than VPN, but you can use Wi-Fi access only while on corporate premises.

Instructions for setting up the following access points, if not already set up on the phone:

  • Wi-Fi access to the corporate wireless LAN

  • VPN access to the corporate network


If your deployment uses only Cisco WebEx Connect (and no Dial via Office or LDAP Directory) you do not need VPN or Wi-Fi access to the corporate wireless LAN.

Nokia phones use access points to enable data connections. For information about setting up access points, see the Nokia documentation.

We recommend that you instruct users to set up Nokia S60 phones with both Wi-Fi and VPN access. Typically, users should set the first access point to the corporate Wi-Fi, and the second access point to VPN.


Because setting up access points is not intuitive, we recommend that you prepare detailed instructions that incorporate your enterprise-specific settings into the generic Nokia steps.

Instructions for obtaining and installing Cisco Mobile for Nokia phones. Cisco Mobile is available from http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps11596/index.html.

Administration Guide for Cisco Mobile for Nokia, Release 8.5


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