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Chapter 7

Instructing Users About How to Set Up Cisco Mobile for Nokia on the Phone Setting Up Cisco Mobile for Deployments with Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Sending Setup Instructions to Users

Send users an email message with instructions for setting up Cisco Mobile.

In most cases, users can open a message or click a TFTP link in the message or in an attached text file to allow the Cisco Unified Communications Manager to automatically set up Cisco Mobile.

This email message includes instructions for all users.


Automated setup is not supported on all phone models. For information, see the System Requirements in the Release Notes at http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps7271/prod_release_notes_list.html.

Before You Begin

To automate TFTP setup on the phone using email, users must have email set up and working on their Nokia phone and know how to use it.

To automate TFTP setup on the phone using email, you must have the email address for an account that is set up on the Nokia phone of the user.

Prepare and post the instructions that are described in Preparing Instructions for Setting Up VPN and Wi-Fi Access on the Phone, page 7-2.

Create your email message using the template in How to Set Up Cisco Mobile on Your Phone, page 7-4. Review the template and gather the information <in italics>.


Step 1

Create the email message with instructions for setting up Cisco Mobile.

Start with the template that is referenced in the Before You Begin section of this procedure. This message must be text.

Replace all italicized information in the template with specific information for your company. Do not include the angle brackets in the final text.

Create, remove, or modify steps as needed.

Suggestion: For the subject line of the message, use How to set up Cisco Mobile on your Nokia Phone.

Step 2

Create a text file that you will attach to this message. Name this file tftp.txt.

Include the setup link that is described in the template (the link with the IP address of your Cisco Unified Communications Manager server).

Step 3 Step 4

Attach the text file to the email message. Send the email message.

Administration Guide for Cisco Mobile for Nokia, Release 8.5


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