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Chapter 7

Instructing Users About How to Set Up Cisco Mobile for Nokia on the Phone

Setting Up Cisco Mobile for Deployments with Cisco Unified Communications Manager

How to Set Up Cisco Mobile on Your Phone

Cisco Mobile rings when someone calls your work phone number, and you can take the call on your mobile phone. You can also dial calls from your mobile phone using your work phone number and be alerted to new voice messages left at your work phone number.

Cisco Mobile also allows you to search the corporate directory, view availability of coworkers, and exchange instant messages with other users of your corporate instant messaging system.


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Step 8

Install VPN software on your phone: <Link to instructions.> Set up VPN and Wi-Fi access points on your phone: <Link to instructions that include your company specifics.> Ensure that you can access an internal web site from your phone: <Link to a web page on your corporate intranet.> This step verifies that the connection is working correctly. Obtain Cisco Mobile and install it on your phone: <Link to instructions for obtaining and installing Cisco Mobile.> Note: During installation, select Continue or OK at any prompts that you see. Open this email message in your email application on your phone. Select this link to automatically launch and set up Cisco Mobile: cmprov://connect?ts=<IP address of your Cisco Unified Communications Manager TFTP server>. If you are unable to use this email link to set up Cisco Mobile:

  • a.

    Open the attachment to this email message.

  • b.

    Select the link and select Use.

If you are unable to use the link in the attachment to set up Cisco Mobile:

  • a.

    Ensure that you can access an internal website from your phone.

  • b.

    Launch Cisco Mobile.

  • c.

    Read any messages that appear.

  • d.

    Enter the following information at the prompts:

  • TFTP server: <IP address of your Cisco Unified Communications Manager TFTP server>

  • Connection: <Name of your corporate VPN access point>

  • Your Presence and Instant Messaging password. <Provide guidance as needed, or remove this

item if it is not applicable.>

  • Mobile phone number: <This number must exactly match the number that is entered into the Mobile Identity in Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Provide guidance as to the required format (for example, “Use the format 4085551111”).>

Step 9

After Cisco Mobile is running, set up additional required access points in Cisco Mobile. In Cisco Mobile, select Options > Settings > Connection and select these access points:

Administration Guide for Cisco Mobile for Nokia, Release 8.5


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