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Chapter 7

Instructing Users About How to Set Up Cisco Mobile for Nokia on the Phone

Setting Up Cisco Mobile for Deployments Without Cisco Unified Communications Manager

How to Set Up Cisco Mobile on Your Phone

Cisco Mobile allows you to search the corporate directory, view availability of coworkers, and exchange instant messages with other users of your corporate instant messaging system.


Step 1

Step 2

Obtain and install Cisco Mobile on your phone: <Link to instructions for obtaining and installing Cisco Mobile.> Note: During installation, select Continue or OK at any prompts that you see. To set up Cisco Mobile:

  • a.

    Launch Cisco Mobile.

  • b.

    Read any messages that appear.

  • c.

    Respond to prompts until you see a prompt to enter a TFTP Server. At that prompt, select Options

    • >

      Manual Setup.

Step 3

d. Enter the following information at the prompts: Chat username: <credentials for accessing your XMPP server> Password: <credentials for accessing your XMPP server> Save password: <set as desired> Chat resource: <identifying resource ID> Chat server: <IP address or DNS-routable hostname of the XMPP server> Directory (LDAP) server: <IP address of your directory server> Port: <port number of your directory server> Enable authentication: Read-only setting. Enable SSL: Read-only setting. LDAP search base: <new LDAP search base, if not using the default> LDAP field mapping: <field mappings that do not match the default mappings> Photo URL: <pathname to the image files on your HTTP server> For assistance, do the following: S e e t h e F A Q s a t h t t p : / / w w w . c i s c o . c o m / e n / U S / p r o d u c t s / p s 7 2 7 1 / p r o d u c t s _ u s e r _ g u i d e _ l i s t . h t m l .

Contact <email address, phone numbe , and so on, of support personnel at your company>.

Administration Guide for Cisco Mobile for Nokia, Release 8.5


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