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Handout 1: Course Information



Grading Policy

The final grade will be based on problem sets, two evening quizzes, and a final, according to the following breakdown:

Problem Sets - 20%

Quizzes - 40%

Final - 40%

Although the problem sets account for only 20% of your final grade, you are required to do them. To enforce this policy, you will be penalized a full letter grade for each 20% of problems you do not turn in.

The specifics of this grading policy are subject to change if the need arises.


Collaboration Policy

Students are encouraged to collaborate on problem sets. In fact, students who form study groups generally do better on exams than do students who work alone. However, it is recommended that students work individually on a problem for 30–45 minutes before consulting other students. If you do collaborate, you must abide by the following guidelines:

Cite all collaborators or outside sources.

You must write up each problem solution independently.

No collaboration is allowed on exams.

This course has a no tolerance cheating policy.

Plagiarism and other unethical behavior cannot be tolerated in any academic environment that prides itself on individual accomplishment. Any student caught cheating on a quiz or exam will be turned over to student affairs and risks receiving a failing grade and possibly expulsion.

Any plagiarism or cheating on a problem set will result in a zero grade on that assignment, and potentially a drop in your final course grade. An individual homework assignment represents a small fraction of your final grade - it is NOT worth cheating! If you have any questions about the collaboration policy, or if you feel that you may have violated the policy, please talk to one of the course staff.

This course has great material, so HAVE FUN!

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