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Report to the Nation, 19752004/Espey et al.


FIGURE 2. Percentage of the county population that is American Indian/Alaska Native, 2004. Source: 2004 Intercensal bridged single-race population esti- mates, U.S. Census Bureau/National Cancer Institute. Available at URL: http://seer.cancer.gov/popdata/.

Southern Plains to 438 per 100,000 women in the Pa- cific Coast among NHW women. In general, these re- gional variations persisted for most cancer sites among AI/AN populations, and incidence rates were significantly higher among AI/AN populations in Alaska and the Northern and Southern Plains than among AI/AN populations in the Southwest (95% CIs for AI/AN incidence rates for all regions combined and individual regions are available online at URL: www.seer.cancer.gov/report_to_nation/).

Among AI/AN men, the top 3 incident cancers were prostate, lung, and colon and rectum for all regions except the Southwest, where the leading can- cers were prostate, colon and rectum, and kidney (Table 7). Prostate cancer rates for AI/AN men were highest in the Northern and Southern Plains and were similar to the prostate cancer rates for NHW men in those regions. Lung and colorectal cancer rates were highest in the Northern Plains and Alaska and were elevated significantly compared with NHW men. The Southwest had the lowest rates for the top 3 sites in AI/AN men for all regions combined. Rates of kidney cancer in AI/AN men were higher than those in NHW men in Alaska, the Northern Plains, the Southern Plains, and the Southwest. Stomach cancer in AI/AN men was more than 4 times as com- mon as in NHW men in Alaska and was twice as common in AI/AN men in the Southwest and North- ern Plains compared with NHW men. Cancer of the

liver was greater in AI/AN men than in NHW men in 5 regions and was highest for AI/AN men in the Northern Plains. Gallbladder cancer in AI/AN men was 3.7 times that of NHW men for all regions com- bined and was 6 times greater in the Southwest, the only individual region for which data are shown. The incidence rates for leukemia, melanoma, and cancers of the bladder, brain, and testis generally were lower in AI/AN men than in NHW men.

Among AI/AN women, the 3 top cancer sites were breast, lung, and colon and rectum in all regions except the Southwest, where the rate for uterine cancer ranked third (Table 8). In Alaska, the breast cancer rate among AI/AN women was similar to the rate among NHW women; however, in all other regions, breast cancer was significantly lower among AI/AN women. In the Northern Plains, the rate of lung cancer among AI/AN women was nearly double that among NHW women; whereas, in the Southwest, AI/AN women had one-fifth the lung can- cer rate of NHW women. The colorectal cancer rate was highest among AI/AN women in Alaska (2.6 times the rate in NHW women); whereas AI/AN women in the Southwest had less than half the color- ectal cancer rate of NHW women. Kidney cancer incidence for AI/AN women exceeded that for NHW women in the Northern and Southern Plains and in the Southwest. Stomach cancer, which was elevated for AI/AN women overall, was nearly 6 times the rate

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