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U LTI MA 225

Ultima 225 – a triumph of design

This new range is the culmination of more than three years research and development by Narva and their Swedish design partners. Initiated by and owned solely by Narva, the idea stemmed from market demand for a larger version of the popular Ultima 175 lamps, also designed by the Swedes.

The design brief was created in Australia by benchmarking the performance and durability of established brands combined with over 25 years of accumulated data from the Narva archives. The design concept also considered the vast range of bull bars available in Australia and the ease of fitment across the most popular bull bar types.

The concept, now brought to reality, was to develop market leading performance within an all new and modern design to establish the world’s best driving lamps.

Hand made samples were made available and exhaustive testing was undertaken within Narva’s advanced

photometric laboratory. With modern technology, laboratory results could be exchanged between Australia and Sweden with changes made repeatedly to improve light output. Causing unwanted delays, these constant changes were eventually applauded by all once the final light output was established.

Aside from light output, the durability of a lamp’s construction is also very vital. Using the established ‘Rotary Cup’ mounting system of the Ultima 175 as a base to launch from, the designers set about improving the system to suit the larger and heavier 225. Testing was carried out on Road Trains travelling between Adelaide and Innamincka. The route included 450km of the unsealed Strzelecki Track. Based on these field tests, design adjustments were made and the engineers inched closer to a design that could endure such unrelenting conditions. Once final improvements were complete, the Ultima 225 was triumphant over the Australian outback.

Further design benefits include free form reflector technology and polycarbonate lenses to establish light performance not previously possible with glass lens optics.

Packed in retail display boxes, all lamp kits include polycarbonate see through lens protectors and a complete ‘Plug and Play’ wiring harness. Ultima 225 is available in Halogen, Halogen Blue and H.I.D (High Intensity Discharge) that includes the latest D1 globes and Generation 5 ballasts.

In summary, Narva are immensely proud of the Ultima 225, “With years of development benchmarked against the world’s best lamps, plus exhaustive laboratory and field testing, we have a world class lamp range with the new Ultima 225’s that set new standards in style and performance”, said George Davies, Narva’s Marketing Manager. “Every facet of the lamp has been thought through from material selection to the final packaging and patents. With Ultima 225 we know we have a winner that users will love”. N



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