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‘See Ezy’ leads the revolution

Narva’s cordless L.E.D inspection lamps burst onto the market in early 2006 and have been at the forefront of a lighting revolution. With continuous product improvement and range expansion, the Narva lamps have rapidly become the first choice in handheld lighting for workshops, tradesmen and campers. Here we take a closer look at the range that has won numerous product awards and become one of the brands greatest success stories.

L.E.D technology, with its exceptionally low current draw, now allows for up to 600 Lumens of light output to be produced using handheld battery power. The greatest benefit however, is that the light can be produced at full output for up to 8 hours. With so much light produced using such little battery power, it is the OH&S benefit, and convenience of no power cords that has assisted the L.E.D inspection lamps to become such a success.

With three lamps now included in the Narva program, a selection of chargers is also included to suit each one. For the ‘Professional’ Rechargeable Cordless L.E.D inspection lamp (P/No. 71320), a 240 Volt docking station charger makes it conveniently accessible in a workshop with automatic recharging once it is returned to the cradle. These can be wall or counter mounted. A 12/24V charger that fits into a vehicle cigarette lighter socket is also available for this model.

Ideal for the mobile tradesman is the second and latest version of the large inspection lamp (P/No. 71312). This comes complete with both 240V and 12/24V DC phone style chargers. Similar style phone chargers are also supplied with the ‘Compact’ lamp.

The popular ‘Compact’ Rechargeable L.E.D Inspection lamp (P/No. 71302) that fits neatly into a tool box or glove box, proved so popular upon release that production capacity had to be trebled.

NiMH batteries are fitted to each lamp. This type of battery has no memory effect so frequent charging can be done without harmful results. The complete range is designed with shockproof housings that are resistant to oil and grease with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses.

All three lamps are attractively packed complete with accessories and featuring full colour art work to assist retail sales staff. N


NZ trailer industry embraces L.E.D

It would appear that the industry no longer needs convincing of the advantages of L.E.D (Light Emitting Diode) lighting. The majority of truck, bus and trailer manufacturers now use L.E.D lighting as standard for just about everything.

It’s no wonder really, the advantages of L.E.D over conventional lighting far out weigh the added investment required for the initial purchase. Fleet managers were the first to see the light, so to speak. The reliability of L.E.D, with no filament to break, low current draw, multi voltage circuitry, hard wired cable and impact resistance, reduces down time and repair costs dramatically. L.E.D is considered by many as life time lighting.

With the release of the Model 34 and Model 36 L.E.D box trailer lamps, Narva, for the first time placed the benefits and quality of L.E.D into the hands of the everyday consumer. Designed to match the footprint of Australia and New Zealand’s most popular trailer lamps, they come backed by a 5 year warranty.

Quick to take advantage of the new lamps was Ray Hagenson, owner of Monoway Trailers, an independent manufacturer of box trailers, car carriers, horse floats and live stock transporters based in Auckland, New Zealand.

A large part of the Monoway business is the supply of box trailers to Service Station hire fleets. Lighting reliability is of critical importance with each customer needing to be reassured that the trailer lighting is in good working order, both for safety and legal reasons. ‘The most important element for our Service Station trailers is lighting reliability. That’s why we use Narva L.E.D lights. We know we can fit and forget them’ stated Ray.

For a business such as Monoway, the benefits of L.E.D extends far beyond the advantages gained during manufacturing, such as hard wired cables and ease of fitment. This was highlighted by Ray in reference to the trailer hire business, ‘With L.E.D used on hire trailers, the Service Station forecourt staff no longer need to deal with irrate customers complaining about faulty tail light globes. They also no longer need to spend time trying to fix them and their customer is assured of fully functional lighting. It’s a win win for all involved’. N

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