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Foundation Donors

Baptist Easley Hospital Barron, Mr. and Mrs. Archie I. Barto, Ms. Janet Marie Beef O’Brady’s of Clemson Beleskas, Mr. John Felix Benefit Design Corporation Blackboard Blakley, Ms. Jacquelyn Blanton, Mrs. Amanda D. Bountyland Petroleum, Inc. Brock, Mrs. Deborah A. Brown, Ms. Cheryln D. Bucy, Mr. David W. Burdette, Mrs. Margaret C. Bushwack, Dr. Jennifer Cape, Mr. James T. Catawba Animal Clinic, P.A. Champion, Dr. Peggy Chapman, Mr. Harry A., Jr. Childress, Mr. and Mrs. Ben R. Clanton, Mr. and Mrs. Van, Jr. Cole, Mrs. Cathy C. Community First Bank Compton, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Covington, Mr. Howard W. Crowe’s Corporate Promotions Current, Mr. and Mrs. James L. Defender Services, Inc. DeHay, Mr. Galen Dermer, Ms. Peggy Derrick, Ritter, Williams & Morris, PA Dickard, Ms. Megan L. Donnelly, Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Dudley, Ms. Harriette S. Duncans, Ms. Tonia V. Edmonds, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy W. Elkins, Ms. Roxanne Ellenberg, Mr. Robert Ethridge, Ms. Tracy L. Farr, Ms. Betty Ford, Ms. Cathy M. Gillespie, Ms. Tammy Hammond, Ms. Barbara Harbor Inn Seafood Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, P.A.

Helgeson, Mr. Jerald R. Hellenga, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Henkels & McCoy Herlong Bates Burnett Insurance, Inc. Hinshaw, Ms. Nancy I. Hoyle, Mr. Norman Hudson, Mr. William Lane, Jr. Johnson, Ms. Shannon M. Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Danny King-Brock, Mrs. Kristi Konieczny, Mrs. Suzanne Lawless, Ms. Christy S. Lewis, Dr. Lynn Luper, Ms. Angel S. Mahaffee, Mrs. Martha C. Marino, Dr. and Mrs. Chris Marsh, Ms. Beth Martin, The Honorable Larry A. Mattison, Ms. Brenda McClain, Mrs. Tonia B. McClure, Mr. Hubert McFall, Mrs. Robin Miller, Mr. and Mrs. William R. Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Steve Moyer, Mrs. Broy S. Nelms, Ms. Deborah W. Oconee Federal Savings & Loan

Association Old, Mrs. Marguerite Gignilliat Otey, Ms. Jeanne Pendleton Area Business Council Pepper, Ms. Robin A. Poore, Mrs. Claudia E. Poore, Mrs. Lisa M. Red Minnow Dinner Club, Inc. Rhodes, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Rice, Mr. Rex Richardson, Ms. Eleanor B. Robinson Funeral Homes Roddey, Ms. Sandra N. Sally, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Sandvik Sandy Springs Water District Saxon Heating and Air Conditioning Saxon, Mrs. Lisa B.

42 | YourCommuni y,YourCollege

Shepherd, Ms. Joyce A. Shumpert, Mrs. Sarah J. Sims, Ms. Alydia C. Singh, Ms. Mary C. Sitton, Mrs. Roberta Smith, Mr. G. Neil Smith, Mr. Phil Stathakis, Ms. Alexandria P. Stebbins, Mr. and Mrs. Roland A. Steele, Mr. Kevin Steele, Mr. William P., Jr. Stovall, Mr. Danny Street, Dr. and Mrs. Russell K. Swords, Dr. Brian D. Swords, Ms. Diane The Commercial Bank Toole, Mr. and Mrs. W. Allen Upstate Staffing, Inc. Valentine, Ms. Lucille H. Walter, Mrs. Diana M. Welch, Ms. Carolyn Wilkerson, Colonel and Mrs. Lawrence B. Winburn, Mrs. Blythe H. Woodson, Mr. John W., II Young, Mr. and Mrs. Al

Loyalty Club (up to $99) Acker, Mr. and Mrs. George Aiken, Ms. Susan B. Alexander, Ms. Elaine H. Alexander, Colonel and Mrs. James W. Alexander, Ms. JoAnn A. Allen, Mr. Herm Alley, Ms. Sara S. Anders, Ms. Tiffany Anderson, Mrs. Lisa G. Angoli, Ms. Marilyn I. Anonymous (2) Arbena, Mr. Joseph Scott Augustine, Mr. Phillip Autry, Mr. Charles F. Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Bauknight, Ms. Cheryl B. Baumann, Dr. Peter

Belcher, Ms. Marie Bertoni, Mr. Timothy Bladzik, Ms. Susan Borders, Ms. Amy Bowen, Mr. Tim Bradham, Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bright, Mr. Bill Brill, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Don W. Brown, Mr. Emanuel Brown, Ms. Linda A. Buckner, Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Burdette, Ms. Casey Burriss, Mrs. Pattie Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Blake S. Catalfomo, Ms. Keri Chalfant, Mr. Ray Chumney, Morgan Clark, Mr. Rick Cleveland, Mr. and Mrs. Kym J. Cobb, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil L. Coleman, Ms. Kate Cook, Mr. R. C. Cooper, Ms. Samantha Cox, Mrs. Elizabeth M. Curtis, Ms. Susan Dean, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy DeBlois, Ms. Latasha Dew, Mrs. Deborah K. Dobson, Mr. Ben Dollarhyde, Ms. Kelsey Duffie, Traywick Dunlap, Mr. Trevor Eckert, Mrs. Sharon D. Edwards, Ms. Penny S. Eidson, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Erickson, Ms. Elizabeth K. Ertzberger, Mr. Johnathan Estridge, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Faircloth, Ms. Karen S. Fant, Ms. Kelsey Farmer, Ms. Helen Fish, Ms. Tabitha Ford, Ms. Mandy Francis, Ms. Jessica

Galloway, Ms. Elaine Gambrell, Ms. Carolyn Garrison, Ms. Kallee Giambrone, Ms. Allison Gilbert, Ms. Sara Giles, Ms. Artelith C. Grant-Smeal, Ms. Victoria Green, Ms. Alyssa Hall, Mr. Ronald B. Ham, Ms. Rae Ann Hanks, Ms. Rochelle Hardy, Ms. Tina Harmon, Ms. Sunnie R. Harris, Mr. and Mrs. Ed J. Harris, Ms. Rhonda N. Harrison, Ms. Kelli Harrison, Mr. Theodore R. Haynie, Mr. Steven P. Hazzard, Ms. Sara Heg, Mr. Terry Hendricks, Ms. Hannah Hightower, Ms. Cinnamon Hogan, Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Holcombe, Ms. Susan Hood, Ms. Brittany Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. Holt Ifkovits, Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Imershein, Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Jenkins, Ms. Charlotte Johnson, Ms. Bonnie Jones, Ms. Cindy Kay, Mrs. Polly F. Kelley, Ms. Lauren Kern, Mr. and Mrs. Roger R. Kimbell, Mr. Jimmy Kimbrell, Ms. Lisa King Asphalt, Inc. Kinsey, Mr. Charles E., Jr. Kovarick, Ms. Lindsey Kubu, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Lemons, Ms. Julie Leopard, Mrs. Robin Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. Frank I. Littleton, Mrs. Gloria Lowry, Ms. Eliza

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