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Dee Dee McFarland and Judy Darby p

Julia M. Darby Scholarship Changes Student’s Life

H alfway through fall semester 2012, Dee Dee McFarland began to worry about how she would pay for spring classes and books. “I was barely getting by financiall ,” said Dee Dee, a Business Management major who is raising her two granddaughters. She works third shift as a Certified Nurse Aide for a home health agenc , but it wasn’t going to be enough. “I was receiving lottery tuition assistance, but it wouldn’t cover everything, and I feared I would have to drop out and abandon my dream of a college degree.”

It was meant to be, she said, of the day she learned of the scholarship opportunities through the College’s Foundation.

Coordinator of Tutoring Services Pat Seawright visited her English class to inform students that through the generosity of numerous private donors, approximately 350 scholarships are available. The Foundation office administers these scholarships, and the Foundation Board oversees the funds and endowments, which support them.

Dee Dee applied and was selected to receive the Julia M. Darby Scholarship.

“When I saw a letter from Tri-County in my mailbox several weeks later, in my mind I could hear my mentor and fellow church member, Elder Dr. Shelbie ClarkBentle ,saying,‘thinkpositively.’ IwasoverwhelmedwhenIreadthat I was the recipient of the Julia M. Darby Scholarship. I thought now I can see thelightattheendofthetunnel. Icancompletemycollegedegree. Ican’t waittothankthislad ,Mrs.JudyDarb ,”shesaid.

She carefully crafted a letter to Jud , explaining how the scholarship will improve the lives of her and her grandchildren. She vowed to meet her and thank her in person. “I wanted a chance to say in person what I’m feeling. You changed our lives. I am so grateful.”

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