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    Invented in 1989 by Patrick Birmingham of Birminghammer Foundation Equipment in Hamilton, Ontario. Data acquisition and analysis were simultaneously developed by The Netherlands Organization for Building Construction and Research (TNO).

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    FHWA began experimenting with Statnamic at the I-49/I-20 Interchange in Shreveport, Louisiana in February of 1991. In the three years that followed, several FHWA demonstration projects included Statnamic, but only for experimentation.

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    In 1994, North Carolina Department of Transportation Geotechnical Engineers became the first in the USA to use Statnamic load testing as a true design tool for the Neuse River Bridge and New River Bridge projects. Both design phase test programs.

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    Florida Department of Transportation in 1994 became the second to use Statnamic load testing when Engineers, William F. “Bubba” Knight, Ching Kuo and Terry Puckett specified its use on the Victory Bridge, Gandy Bridge and Hillsborough River Bridges.

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    In 1997, the Florida based company Applied Foundation Testing, Inc. was formed. Their primary interest is to advance the use of Statnamic load testing and provide Statnamic load testing as a turnkey service to anyone.

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    In 1997, Dr. Dan Brown at Auburn University developed the analysis procedure for lateral Statnamic load tests.

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    In 1999, The University of South Florida in conjunction with AFT and Berminghammer completes development of the Modified Unloading Point Method (MUP) and the Segmental Unloading Point (SUP).

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    2008 – ASTM standard D7383-08 for Statnamic Load Testing approved.

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    Over 500 technical papers have been presented on the subject and numerous research programs are continually being carried out around the world.

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    Over 2000 Statnamic tests have been performed in the USA from 1997 to 2007 and well over 5000 performed worldwide. FHWA, approximately 25 State Department of Transportation agencies, Numerous US Army Corps of Engineers projects and several hundred private entities have been involved in Statnamic load test programs.

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