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PHILATELI-GRAPHICS Vol. 28, No. 2 (April 2006)

Sc2205-2209 Sc2445-2549

for the Fish booklet stamps (Scott 2205- 2209) designed by Ripper. Ripper followed up this discussion with a formal proposal, which included some supplementary information: a newspaper article about the growing popular- ity of fly fishing, a Royal Coachman fly he had designed, and two sets of color sketches for a se-tenant block of four stamps that dif- fered only in the color of the background. The Citizens Stamp Advisory Committee (CSAC) preferred the second, a sepia view of the scenery where each of the flies would be used. The sepia background avoided the cold effect that black and white would create and the clash between background and the colors of the flies if he had used full-color back- grounds. He also created the picture used on the booklet cover.

Ripper’s Louisiana World Exposition stamp of 1984 (Scott 2086), takes one to bayou country with myriad birds and reptiles on land or in the air, while underwater one sees two gold shiners (minnows), a chain pickerel, and a Louisiana crayfish. Although the fair went bankrupt, the USPS sold about $26 mil-

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lion worth of the stamp.

The attention to detail found in Ripper’s drawings for the Peterson Guide book exem- plifies the stan- dards one expects of him. This accu-

racy is important Louisiana World Exposition for identification (Sc2086) whether in a book or on a stamp. For the Wildlife series the Postal Service checked the anatomical accu- racy and proper locale of his pencil sketches with expert sources, such as the Smithsonian and National Geographic magazines. Later these same experts checked his final work for color. One anticipates, based on Ripper’s large collection of photographs and his care for all details, that the experts had an easy job. One example of how he approaches his assignment is seen in the two bobcat stamps (2482, $2.00 and 2332 from the American Wildlife pane). In addition to consulting stacks of photographs and drawings, Ripper notes that

they have a state game farm at French Creek, West Virginia, about an hour and a half, two hours from where we live, where they take or- phaned animals that people have taken home and then found they couldn’t really care for them, and they have bobcats there. We stop every time we’re driving by and I look and sketch and take pictures.6 No wonder that viewing his drawings is such a sat- isfying experience both for their color, their accuracy,

Best Design Among Defini- tives, 1990 (Sc2482)

Another Bobcat (Sc2332)

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