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Diamond Set Up: (see diagram #1)

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    Home team is responsible for Diamond set up and tear down (see schedule).

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    Baselines are 30 ft.

  • 3)

    Fair hit line is 20 feet from back of home plate.


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    There is no score keeping in T-Ball.

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    Players must be on batting order and listed with other team

  • 3)

    Minimum of six players to play (umpire to start when 6 are there)

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    Starts at 6:30 P.M. (umpires awarded grace is 15 minutes)

  • 5)

    3 innings maximum (no new inning to start after 7:50 P.M. by umpires watch).

  • 6)

    Curfew 8:00 P.M.

  • 7)

    Any number of completed innings will be considered a game.

  • 8)

    Batted ball that does not pass fair hit line or hits a runner off base the umpire calls time - batter bats again, return runner(s) to original base.

  • 9)

    No leadoffs, runners advance when the ball is hit.

  • 10)

    Infield hit (inside baselines), base runner/batter advance one base only regardless of hit.

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    Outfield hit (outside baselines) base runner/batter may advance until ball has returned to infield (inside baselines), at which time the defensive player must have possession of the ball to stop play. Runners’ ½ way between bases will be awarded next empty base. Catcher should replace ball on "Tee".

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    For "last batter", play will be stopped when defensive player holding the ball places the ball on the ‘Tee’ at home plate.

  • 13)

    Softball Ontario Rules referenced as required. Detailed rulebook with division convener.

DEFENSIVE TEAM (see diagram #1)

  • Positions

    • -

      catcher safely positioned behind batting tee (if enough players only).

    • -

      1st base inside baseline at first base (max. 2 ft.)

    • -

      2nd base inside baseline at 2nd base (max. 2 ft.)

    • -

      3rd base inside baseline at 3rd base (max. 2 ft.)

    • -

      shortstop between 1st & 2nd outside baseline (min. 2 ft.)

    • -

      shortstop between 2nd & 3rd outside baseline (min. 2 ft.)

    • -

      outfielders outside baseline (min. 15 ft.)

    • -

      coaches (2) outside fielders, in foul territory, one at home plate

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