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T-Ball Division Woodbridge Softball Association

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    all teams bat 12 players

OFFENSIVE TEAM (see diagram #2)

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    Players arriving late may be added to the bottom of the batting order.

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    Bat all players in rotation. Flip batting order top to bottom each inning, exception to flip is a team with less players continues rotation batting same number of players as other team and do not flip order. Coach must announce "last batter" each inning.


A base runner is "out" when:

  • 1)

    he or she is tagged;

  • 2)

    the base is tagged on a force play;

  • 3)

    the ball is caught in the air (fly-ball);

  • 4)

    he or she runs off of the base-line to avoid a tag; or

  • 5)

    he or she interferes with a batted ball.

ONLY INFIELDERS can stop the play by looking at the umpire to signal that they are not attempting any more plays. Outfielders cannot stop the play and must throw the ball to an INFIELDER before "time" can be called.


After the last batter hits successfully, the play is to the "home plate". Play will be stopped when defensive player holding the ball places the ball on the ‘Tee’ at home plate. No play can be made on the base runners. Any infield player can place the ball on the ‘Tee’.


The fielder will not be penalized for attempting a throw, which is the softball skill we are trying to teach them. So, please encourage your players to at least try and make a play.

The players are to be strongly encouraged to THROW THE BALL to make a play as this is the skill they will need as they progress through the softball ranks. There should be no running down of players (unless the ball is fielded close to the runner) and no players tagging bases when a defensive player is on the base ready to receive a throw. There should be no rolling the ball to a player and ideally no under-handed throwing.

This situation arises each year with the better players not trusting their team-mates to catch the ball. One player taking over the whole infield will not work in the older divisions so please discourage these types of plays.

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