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A student is never allowed to decide when they are ready to test for rank.  This is the sole privilege of the instructors or the head of the club.  Many factors are taken into consideration when these decisions are made; such as attitude, attendance percentages, physical skills, as well as individual personal considerations (please see Criteria for Promotional Evaluation ).  

1)One person will be assigned to be the test/party coordinator.  That person's job is to delegate and oversee; they will be held accountable /responsible for the smooth running of the exam.  The test is organized totally by students.  Dan grades are only there to lend guidance; to be used as resources. The coordinator will use the Test/Party Outline Form.  Students should volunteer their services as test and parties take considerable planning and time.  The more people that assist - the less work everyone individually has to do!  (This is another chance to show your appreciation!)  All test fees should be paid in advance; be sure all written tests are completed at least one week prior to the test date.

2)Students should arrive at least 1/2 hour early to the test; dress out and begin stretching lightly.  Arrive even earlier if you are assisting with set-up.  Students must wear a clean WHITE pressed karate uniform and only white T-shirts (without markings underneath) if necessary.  Avoid wearing more than one patch at testing; be sure it is the relevant one when you do.  Students should assist in sweeping the floor (or mat), tidying the room, putting up the flags, setting up black belt panel tables and chairs or whatever else may need doing.  Make sure belts are tied properly with both ends even.  Gi's should be donned left front panel over right side; tie strings. Gi pants must be hemmed and neat.  Remember personal hygiene and basic etiquette. All students dress out even if they are not testing as they may be needed to assist someone who is.

3)Try to remain calm before the test.  A little nervousness is welcome and can aid performance.  Too much anxiety will impair your performance and memory.  Be prepared; be sure to have already rehearsed and practiced test techniques adequately before test day.  It is too late to learn anything the day of the test.  Practice self-control.  Cramming for a martial arts skills exam is useless.

4)On one side of the room a table will be set up with a table cloth and chairs with appropriate paper work (and pens) for the Dan ranks.  The flags should be hung overhead.  (See Diagram).

5)BLACK BELT PANEL:  The black belts are there to watch the student and make recommendations to the senior instructor.  They are mainly there to give students feedback.  Do not be intimidated by the panel, they are there to help you.  They will, of course, display a very serious attitude as testing is taken very seriously.

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