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6)Bowing procedures when dan(s) enter the dojo is different than in your regular classes.  The only person bowed into the dojo is the person leading the exam (usually Todd Jones), unless you are given a new directive by the senior dan at the test.

7)The test will begin with the usual bowing ceremony, then students will be asked to sit on the sides. Move quickly, but do not turn your back to the panel.  Sit properly with good posture (seiza preferably, half or full lotus postures are also acceptable).  Try to sit still and never show the bottoms of your feet to senior grades.  If you must stretch a little (after having sat for a long time) do so inconspicuously and quickly.  Do not talk; watch your fellow students test.  You can learn a great deal from watching.

8)Student's names will be called when it is their turn to test.  Stand quickly into ready stance and when "Paro " is called , quickly line up in front of the black belt panel in the order your names were called.  Six to ten people usually are called up at a time.  Higher ranks may test in smaller groups.  Space yourself evenly and center your group in front of the panel.  Allow yourselves enough room to do technique and never get too close to the panel.  Demonstrate composure and enthusiasm; maintain a serious attitude.  Do your best!  Bow to the panel before and after (bow will be called).  * If your name is not called and you know that you are testing , then quickly go to the most senior ranked student present under black belt rank and have them go find out what the problem is.

9)Techniques will be called.  Anything you have learned up to this point is fair game.  If you missed classes where techniques were taught - it is your problem/responsibility to find an instructor who will teach them to you.  If you perform the wrong technique, at least do it to the best of your ability.  Do not show mistakes or stop or express frustration on your face.  That is unacceptable!  If you are not testing and you are requested to be someone's partner, wait until you are summoned and be sure to bow to panel before joining your partner.  Again, bow to panel before returning to the sidelines.

10)Tests may cover floor-ex, pumse, mat work, sparring, and board breaking.  Be sure to know the planned schedule ahead of time.  If for some good reason you may have to miss part or all of the test, please talk to your instructor to see if some alternate time can be worked out for you.  This should always be a last resort.  The test is scheduled months in advance and one should plan their own schedule around the test if at all possible.  Private tests should be avoided at all costs, they are not a pleasant experience.


11)Tests are divided into four categories: A) Promotional Ceremony, B) Test, C) Examination, and D) Private Tests.

Promotional Ceremonies are physically very brief, strictly activity to denote advancement.  No one usually fails since instructor(s) screen students taking part.  Psychologically, if not clearly expressed, students can become disenchanted (too easily).  Screening for quality is critical.

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