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Tests physically are moderately strenuous, "make it or break it" atmosphere - any shortcoming is grounds for failure.  Rigidly adhered to guidelines are set ahead of time.

Examinations are physically as thorough as time permits; errors not so important as recovery.  Students are carefully screened ahead of time.

Private tests:  The physical level of these tests are determined by the instructor at the time of the test.  Always nerve-wracking, always painful; to be avoided at all costs!!

12)Tests are conducted  at a much harder pace than what students are probably accustomed to in regular class.  Be sure to improve your endurance before tests as you will need it (you are encouraged to swim, run, do aerobics, push-ups, sit-ups, concentration kicks, attend classes and ride bikes).  You should review rank requirements thoroughly and be sure you know whatis        Never quit during a test; this is the worst thing one can do.  To quit trying in a real self-defense situation will result in death.  Persevere even if feeling sick.  Serious injuries are the only exception to stopping before completion.  An examiner will always vie in favor of tending to a serious injury.

13) After the test is completed, the whole group will be bowed out.  After dismissal, students should be sure to personally thank the black belts who participated on the panel for their time and effort on the student's behalf.  Also they should thank their individual instructors.  Don't forget to take time to congratulate fellow students and give them a pat on the back too.

14)Results of the test will usually be announced at the test or at a Belt Celebration (party) the evening of the exam.  Be sure to find out the time and place (secure a map if available) before leaving the test site.  The examiners panel will all meet and discuss the day's events.  Each student's instructor will fill out a recommendation sheet to provide feedback based more on each student's everyday performance.  The senior instructor will have the ultimate decision on your actual promotion after considering everyone's input.

15)"Belt Celebration" - Enjoy and relax; but don't neglect to show due respect to seniors.  Parties are basically informal but don't overstep.  Refer to all instructors (regardless of color grade) as Mr. or Ms. _____  at all informal events (unless they specifically demand otherwise).  If rank is conferred at the Celebration, when everyone has arrived, people will be asked to sit and be quiet.  Promotions will be announced one by one with brief comments.  Each student promoted will receive a certificate and belt (if appropriate: some promotions only require a new stripe).  If a student cannot attend, they should either have someone accept their belt for them or arrange to receive it at a later time.  Show initiative to secure your promotional certificate/belt.  Be sure, after all belts are handed out, to seek out instructors and get more feedback.  They will be happy to talk about it.  Students may be provided the comment sheets filled out by the panel to review along with any written tests.  These must be returned before leaving the party site.  Take time to try on your new belt to make sure it is the correct size ( you may be able to

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