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O ne of the newest and rarest gemstones to be discovered, Larimar is only found on a single square kilometer along a remote mountainside in the Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola. The result of chance volcanic events millions of years ago that formed the island and created the world’s most mysterious stone, this exquisite gemstone is prized for its ocean’s palette of blues and greens. With exceptional designs to equal the beauty of this exceptional stone, Marah Lago is passionate about creating jewelry that matches the uniqueness of each stone with the individuality of every woman. Her limited edition pieces, each handcrafted around a top grade piece of Larimar stone, have taken the Caribbean by storm.

The daughter of a famous Argentinian painter, Marah is a second-generation artist whose hands shape exceptional designs around an exceptional stone. www.marahlago.com (Photo: Marahlago Designs)

Due to a prediction made by “The Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce (1877 - 1945), who is said to have prophesied that a blue stone with extraordinary healing attributes originating from the sunken Atlantis would be found on one of the Caribbean islands, Larimar is often referred to as ‘The Atlantis Stone.’ Despite allegations that Cayce’s comment about the blue stone was not made in reference to Atlantis, the attention-grabbing legend of the blue Atlantis Stone has stuck, predominantly due to Cayce’s strong conviction that part of Atlantis could be found in the Caribbean.

The first recorded mention of the unique blue stone stems from 1916, when a parish priest pstream made a request to mine. Some 60 years later, islanders followed a river u and discovered the world’s only outcropping of Larimar. In 1974, the gemstone was rediscovered and named Larimar by a local artisan who combined his daughter’s name ‘Larissa’ with ‘mar’, the Spanish word for the ocean. However, it took the adventure lust of an Englishman and the eye of a talented artist to pursue the lure of the gemstone. Thus, the story of how designer Marah Lago came across the beautiful stone of Larimar is in fact a story of love and adventure.

designer explains that she creates pieces that she would like to wear herself; “I find inspiration in a lot of different things, be it a flower, nature or architecture.”

Handcrafted and set in select precious metals, Marah’s designs are all limited editions, making each piece rare and appealing to discerning buyers who value exclusivity. Marah's goal is to infuse a sense of uniqueness and rarity into each piece, with individuality and versatility at the heart of her designs. Says the designer; “My designs are created to showcase the rare beauty of Larimar and imbue each woman with a natural sense of style and elegance.”

Larimar’s metaphysical powers are revered among healers, who were some of the first to recognize the stone's rarity and special gifts. Its extraordinary physical appearance channels the energies of the sea and the heavens to bring peace and tranquility, and this mythical stone is also

rumored to have the ability to draw one's soul mate. Larimar can help support you in a time of transformation and change. Describes Marah; “The Larimar stone makes you feel beautiful, and it makes you feel good. It is a stone of balance which brings mental clarity and soothes the spirit.” Wear it and feel its calming influence flow through you.

Marahlago Designs come in nickel-free sterling silver, 14k and 18k gold, with some designs accented by diamonds, white topaz, blue

The adventure part pertains to Marah’s explorer husband Adrian, who had spent time with whales in the Aleutian Islands and braved the bat caves of Borneo on a quest for “the unusual experience.” In 1995, Adrian bought a sailboat and began a 4 year sailing expedition around the Caribbean as a novice sailor, picking up trinkets from local island vendors along the way. Little did he know that the ring he bought from a street peddler in the Dominican Republic would fuel a fire to help build a remarkable company. Explains Marah; “About 1 year after Adrian’s journey, I came across the ring while I was going through some old stuff. I fell in love with the stone immediately. Since Adrian couldn’t remember exactly where he had purchased the ring, the discovery led to somewhat of a treasure hunt.”

topaz, Australian opal, onyx, citrine, amethyst or peridot. Every single piece is finished with Marahlago’s trademark flower, which represents a signature of authenticity and personal guarantee. Collections to meet every budget and style are available at Casa de Oro duty-free stores island wide.

Prices for Marah Lago’s jewelry vary from under US$100 to around US$2,000.

Casa de Oro is located at The Shoppes at Rose Hall (tel: 953-9755) and at City Centre (tel: 952- 3502) in Montego Bay. In Ocho Rios at Soni’s Plaza (tel: 974-5392) and Island Village (tel: 675-8999) and in Negril at Time Square Plaza (tel: 957-9530). Pendants from the Marine Life Collection (Photo: Marahlago Designs)

Some 8 years later, Marah and Adrian are involved in every aspect of creating first class pieces of Larimar jewelry. “Basically, we are involved every step of the way and strive to create something that is good for the community.” Local villagers, who mine Larimar by hand with the most basic shovels and pick axes, consider themselves fortunate to excavate the gemstone as it is the only source of income for many of their families. And with only a limited amount of stones excavated each year, Larimar is one of the world’s rarest and most sought after gemstones.

Pieces from the Atlantic Collection (Photo: Marahlago Designs)

Today, the sensational blue stone builds the foundation of Marah Lago’s passion to showcase this breathtaking gem. Only 3% of the stones are handpicked for Marah’s jewelry designs, melding nature and art into individual, one-of-a-kind designs. Asked from where she gets inspiration for her unique pieces, the Las Vegas based

Larimar’s extraordinary physical appearance channels the energies of the sea and the heavens to bring peace and tranquility. (Photo: Marahlago Designs)


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