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tribute to the skill of the blenders that hold the complex signature flavor of Appleton in their taste buds, Master Blenders’ Legacy is the ultimate homage to the art of blending Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum. Specially created for the Jamaican tourist, this exceptional rum expression is comparable to a luxury cognac or whiskey and may be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. Pick up a bottle of the Master Blenders’ Legacy rum at one of the island’s duty-free stores or at the Montego Bay International Airport on your way home. Presented in a regal purple gift canister, it has the perfect taste of Jamaica. A

The oldest sugar estate and distillery in Jamaica, Appleton Estate produces their premium rum range exclusively on the Appleton Estate in the Nassau Valley of St. Elizabeth parish, and the first documented rum production dates back to 1749. With more than 20 gold medals and trophies from international competitions and golden rums on the ascendancy, the Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum range offers a variety of

Global Consumer Marketing Manager: Peter Hottmann

Appleton’s new luxury rum was prompted by the limited availability of the estate’s 21 year old Jamaica Rum. Says Hottmann; “We wanted to create a new flavor and satisfy the need for a special expression of luxury rum for the Jamaican tourist, one that really conveyed the essence of Appleton Rum. The blending process is both time consuming and costly and requires the finest rum noses in the business.”

Finishes Hottmann; “With the creation of our new rum, the Master Blenders that have perpetuated Appleton Estate’s 259 year trademark bouquets and aromas, have achieved a legacy of their own.”

Appleton Launch (Photo: contributed by Appleton)

premium rums to suit every taste, cocktail style and price point.

Appleton’s Master Blenders’ Legacy is available in island duty-free stores and at Montego Bay International Airport. The recommended retail price for duty-free is US$ 79.99 (with duty paid US$ 89.99).

Appleton Estate produces two main styles of rum; Genuine Minimum Aged Rum and Blended Rum. While Genuine Minimum Aged Rum ages in oak barrels and acquires the characteristically woody, oaky flavors from the cask, Blended Rums have vanilla and caramel flavors and can consist of selections of up to 15 – 20 different types of rum. Although Blended Rums may be enjoyed straight, like good cognac or whiskey, their complex character make them better mixers than their aged counterparts.

What is exceptional about the new Master Blenders’ Legacy is the innovative merger of the two styles of rum. While Legacy derives its oaky hint from Appleton’s 30 year old Genuine Minimum Aged Rum, it is blended with a selection of younger Blended Rums to create an exceptional finish. Reports David McConnell, Managing Director of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum’s Global Marketing Division; “This sipping rum was created using Appleton Estate’s rarest stocks of aged rums, at the heart of which lies the most exquisite 30 year old rum. As these rums aged to perfection, they were nurtured by three generations of blenders – our current Master Blender, Joy Spence, her mentor and our Master Blender for over 20 years, Owen Tulloch, and Joy’s protégé, David Morrison.” Continues McConnell; “Master Blenders’ Legacy is the perfect addition to the Jamaica Rum range,

which now offers five levels of fine Estate rums, each with its own unique character and taste.”

According to Global Brand Director Peter Hottmann, the creation of


Genuine Minimum Aged Appleton Estate Rums include Appleton Estate 12 year old, 21 year old and 30 year old Jamaica Rum.

APPLETON ESTATE 30 YEAR OLD Only 1,440 bottles of Appleton Estate 30 Year Old Jamaica Rum were produced and released to select markets across the globe in 2008. A very rare and special rum that has been aged in oak casks for 30 years, Appleton Estate 30 Year Old Jamaica Rum is packaged in a proprietary bottle, a design which was inspired by the signature bottle that has been a hallmark of the brand since it was launched 20 years ago. The bottle has a cork finish and each bottle has a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity.

APPLETON ESTATE 21 YEAR OLD Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Jamaica Rum is aged for a minimum of 21 years in oak barrels and it is truly a collector’s item and a lifetime experience.

APPLETON ESTATE EXTRA 12 YEAR OLD Appleton Estate Extra Jamaica Rum is aged for a minimum of 12 years in oak, and is truly an unsurpassed masterpiece of oak ageing. Appleton Estate Extra 12 year old Jamaica Rum is a bold and confident rum that should be enjoyed straight-up or on the rocks.


Genuine Minimum Aged Rums include Appleton Estate 12 year old, 21 year old and 30 year old Jamaica Rum, whereas Blended Rums include the V/X, the Reserve Jamaica Rum and Appleton’s newly launched Master Blenders’ Legacy.

Note: 30 year old is not illustrated in this photo

Blended Appleton rums include the V/X, the Reserve Jamaica Rum and now the newly launched Master Blenders’ Legacy.

APPLETON ESTATE V/X Appleton Estate V/X Jamaica Rum is the first member of the Appleton Estate range. This particular blend of rum is made up of 15 select aged rums that add the most amazing and unique characteristics to classic cocktails.

APPLETON ESTATE RESERVE Appleton Estate Reserve Jamaica Rum gives you the opportunity to make the perfect transition to sipping rum. This luxurious blend of rums is made up of 20 select aged rums and makes the most amazing luxury cocktails. Appleton Estate Reserve Jamaica Rum is perfect for sophisticated drinks, like champagne cocktails as well as luxury Martinis.

Packaged in Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum’s proprietary bottle Master Blenders’ Legacy luxury rum expression is presented in a regal purple gift canister. (photo: Appleton)

APPLETON ESTATE MASTER BLENDERS’ LEGACY Appleton Estate Master Blenders’ Legacy Jamaica Rum celebrates three generations of blenders. At the heart of this particular blend lies the most exquisite 30 year old rum. This blend celebrates the art of rum making and rum drinking and is therefore perfect with a splash of water or club soda.


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