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The Maintenance Excellence Institute

How OCE Impacts Your Bottom Line: Part II – Page 9

Overall Craft Effectiveness = Craft Utilization x Craft Performance x Craft Service Quality

Overall Craft Effectiveness = Overall Craft Effectiveness =

30% .3



100% 1.00 21% OCE

x x

70% .7 = .21 x 100

Since the nature of determining the value of Craft Service Quality can be subjective, this element is typically not used for calculating OCE. When this element is not used in determining Overall Craft Effectiveness, it is still an important part of effective planning and scheduling. One key part of planning is determining the scope of the repair job and the special tools or equipment that is required for a quality repair. A continuing concern of the maintenance planning function should be on improving existing repair methods whether by using better tools, repair procedures, or diagnostic equipment and using the right skills for the job. Providing the best possible tools, special equipment, shop areas, repair procedures and craft skills can be a key contributor to improving Craft Service Quality. And Craft Service Quality can often still be a key performance indicator (KPI) that is determined from periodic review of call backs, customer complains and customer surveys. Therefore MEI feels that the Overall Craft Effectiveness Factor is best determined by using just two elements for the OCE Factor calculations:

OCE = Craft Utilization x Craft Performance

The Impact of Improving Both Craft Utilization and Performance: Improved craft utilization through more effective planning of all resources will increase available wrench time. Improved performance results from the fact that work is planned and the right tools, equipment, and parts are available made by planning the right craftsperson or crew for the job with the type of skills needed. Improving craft performance is a continuous process with a program for craft skills training and methods improvement to do the job right the first time in a safe and efficient manner. The ACE Team Benchmarking Process mentioned earlier provides reliable planning times based upon “a consensus of experts” and a tremendous repair methods improvement effort as benchmark jobs are analyzed.

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