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Most of the telephone buttons have dual-color light indica- tors. The color and flash rate of the indicators show the sta- tus of the programmed line, feature or extension.

In general, red indicates non-availability (for example, a busy line); green indicates that you are using the feature or line, or that it is available to you.

Softkeys Softkeys have several functions which change during the course of call handling. A softkey's function, at any particu- lar moment, is indicated on the console display. To operate a displayed function, press the softkey adjacent to it or beneath it.

The softkeys perform the same function as equivalent fixed buttons.

The six softkeys to the left of the display panel are used to activate features (menu softkeys).

The six softkeys to the right of the display panel are used for Private Hold.

You can also use the four-direction cursor movement key to select the desired function and then press ENTER.


When you move the cursor to an icon (using the four-direc- tion cursor movement key) an explanation of that icon’s function briefly appears on the display.

Icons indicating the status of your set appear on the sec- ond line of the screen and are for display only.

Icons indicating the status of a specific call appear on the right hand side of the display, next to the name or number of the trunk or extension. They are activated by pressing the appropriate softkey on the right hand side of the dis- play.


Avanti Attendant console

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