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Dialing on the console If you are connected to an outside line and [DIAL CONT] indicator is on, any digits you press are dialed on the out- side line.

If the [DIAL CONT] indicator is off, any digits you press are considered the beginning of a transfer process.

When dialing internally or when dialing a system feature, the [DIAL CONT] indicator should be off.

You need to use [DIAL CONT] when dialing to Voice Store & Forward machines, SPRINT, MCI lines, etc.

SETTING VOLUME AND DISPLAY CONTRAST To adjust the handset volume

During a conversation:

  • Press [LO

HI] to change the volume.

To adjust the volume of tones

While connected to the tone:

  • Press [LO

HI] to change the volume.

To adjust the display contrast While the console is in idle state:

  • Press [LO

HI] to change the display contrast.

MUTE RING The arrival of a new call is announced by a ring burst. Also, a call waiting tone is sounded, at preset intervals, when calls are waiting in queues. You may disable these tones.

To disable ringing

  • Press [MUTE RING].

The [MUTE RING] indicator lights. To enable ringing

  • Press [MUTE RING] again.

The [MUTE RING] indicator goes out.


Avanti Attendant console

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