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A t c _ t x t . b o o k P a g e 2 8 M o n d a y , J a n u a r y 1 0 , 2 0 0 5 6 : 3 8 P M

As shown in the above table, you press the dialpad button once for the first letter appearing on it, twice for the second letter appearing on it, and three times for the third letter appearing on it.

With each press of the button, the corresponding character appears on the display.

If you want to enter two characters from the same button on the dialpad, for example D followed by E, wait two sec- onds between entering characters (until you see the cursor “_” at the next position), or press the [NEXT] button to indi- cate you have finished programming that character.

Enter “Z” by pressing [9] four times. Enter “Q” by pressing [7] two times. Enter an underline by pressing [1] twice. Enter a slash by pressing [1] four times.

Warning signal You hear a three-beep warning tone:

  • If you try to access a Phone Book list that you are not authorized to use;

  • If you try to save a name without entering a number for it;

  • If you try to add a new name to your private list when you have no available speed dial bins; or

  • If you try to access a list that has no names defined.

Caller ID

If you receive a call made from a telephone number that appears in your Phone Book, and if your system supports Caller ID, the name programmed for that number in the Phone Book appears on your telephone display, instead of the number.


Avanti Attendant console

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