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This estimate of EV electricity consumption is divided among the California transmission areas designated within the Multisym™ model.  These areas are (1) Northern California, which is basically the entire region north of Los Banos (19.0%); (2) Southern California, which is the major part of the state south of Los Banos (65.0%); (3) San Diego area (5.0%); (4) LADWP area (10.0%); (5) San Francisco Area (1.0%); (6) IID area, which we assume has negligible EV load.

This assessment was based on a profile that allocates about 95 percent of recharging load into the off-peak periods and 5 percent into the on-peak period.4  According to current EV-owner data received by CEC staff, owners are taking full advantage of time-of-use metered rates and recharging their vehicles mainly during off-peak hours.  The same recharging profile was used in the CEC’s 1995 study.

Two potential resource plan scenarios for the Western System Coordinating Council (WSCC) region in the year 2010 were used in the analysis.

The system adequacy implications of each resource plan were then evaluated using the CEC’s RAM Model. If a transmission area was still resource short, additional generic combined cycles or combustion turbines were added to this area.  The following is a brief description of each resource plan and how it was developed.

Resource Plan 1

Basically represents all of the expected resource additions and retirements identified from public resources and information available in the CEC.  Each unit identified in the WSCC 10-Year Coordinated Plan Summary as a significant generation addition is included in the scenario.  All of the 29 current and future siting case projects outlined in a January 29, 1999 draft CEC staff working document are included in this resource plan.  The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station is assumed to be out of the resource mix in 2010

4 Electricity demand in California peaks in the afternoon and in this analysis, peak hours are from 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and all other hours are assumed off-peak.


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