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Cure Yourself

The trace elements given above are essential for the activation and action of enzymes. These enzymes are chemical substances which play multiple roles in the body. They mediate the action of different cells in the body, aid in digestion and also aid in nerve and muscle functions, amongst other activities.

Darker coloured honeys are shown to contain more iron and are more beneficial to arthritics, as they generally suffer from iron deficiency. Many have been taking drugs which have drained the body of iron. Lack of iron in the body can lead to all kinds of blood disorders, especially anaemia. Honey helps them.

Most of the B complex range of vitamins can be found in honey and they act on the nerves. Most arthritics are in a highly nervous state. They feel pain very acutely, have sleepless nights and become very depressed. Honey is a highly beneficial food for the tired, nervous and highly strung arthritis sufferer. Overweight patients and diabetic patients should take honey with care. Others may use it in large amounts, usually upto 15 ml to be taken three times-a-day. Honey is a source of Vitamin C and heals ulcers and burns. It is a natural disinfectant and hardly anyone is allergic to it.

I have prescribed honey, so that the body gets trace minerals in their predigested form for quick absorption.

Black Molasses are made from raw unsulphured cane sugar. It is a black substance, packed with nutrients and may be taken at any time when it is convenient. For therapeutic use, I usually recommend one teaspoon, taken three times-a-day. Molasses may be taken undiluted but if so taken, should be followed immediately by a drink of warm water, as it has a tendency to discolour teeth. I found one teaspoon of molasses dissolved in 100 ml of warm water to be right for most patients. Taken like this, it is easily assimilated, more digestible and it will not stain teeth. Those with delicate stomachs,

If good health is worth having, then it is worth fighting for. Inability to cure indicates that the efforts were not enough.


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