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Cure Yourself

Joint Cleanse

who may find that a teaspoonful is too much at one time, may take it in smaller, more frequent doses. Molasses is a wonderful blood cleanser for arthritics. Like honey, molasses is also a marvellous external and internal healer. Arthritics are prone to suffering from stomach ulcers, diverticulitis and similar conditions, caused by acids eating away at the stomach and colon walls. Black molasses offers them relief. For external growths, boils, sore and cuts, molasses applied with a little water and applied as a poultice is a wonderful, natural ointment. Black molasses is also a laxative.

Molasses is a rich source of iron and can alleviate that tired feeling from which so many patients suffer. It is a rich source of vitamin B complex which acts on the nerves, relieving spells of deep depression, bouts of painful neuralgia and debilitating attacks of cold and influenza. Molasses also contains copper and magnesium, phosphoric acid and potassium. Anxiety uses up potassium salts in the blood and tissues and can produce a relapse in the treatment of arthritis. Black molasses helps in the treatment of skin disease, e.g. dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis. Very often, patients face a loss of muscle tone due to lack of essential mineral salts in the body. Molasses proves most valuable in these cases, as its salt content helps to reestablish muscle tone.

Black molasses is not commercially produced in India. It is a product available near sugarcane factories during crushing season. This is their waste product while making jaggery (gur). This can be used but it cannot be kept for long. For preserved black molasses, see page 18 and 148.

Epsom Salt Bath

Our skin is broadly speaking, a permeable membrane. It provides an excellent medium for the elimination of acid. Use Epsom salt as a drawing agent of toxins that have accumulated between joints.

For external growths, boils, sore and cuts, black molasses applied with a little water and applied as a poultice is a wonderful, natural ointment.


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