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Referrals:  At a minimum, an ICPC referral must contain a cover letter, with accompanying ICPC Placement Resource Statement of Confirmation- Reg. #2 or Reg. #7 and Border Agreement as appropriate, an ICPC 100A, social, medical, behavioral and educational assessment or functional assessment, documentation of sending agent’s authority to plan for the child (court document),

permanency plan (or equivalent) or treatment plan, documentation of financial responsibility for the child, educational passport and well being summary.  Additional requirements associated with specific referral type such as ICPC Regulation #1 or #7 or negotiated Border Agreements which involve the ICPC are referenced herein.  (TCA sec 37-4-201 et seq.)

Decision:  Decisions issued pursuant to Article III (d) of the Compact are determined within the parameters of applicable federal and state laws and policy which promotes the inter -jurisdictional placement of a child in a suitable environment and with persons or institutions having appropriate qualifications and facilities to provide a necessary and desirable degree and type of care resulting in permanency for the child and family.  As the decision for placement impacts the safety and well-being of the child within another jurisdiction, TN DCS ICPC reserves the right to determine use of and issuance of Provisional Decision as defined under ICPC Regulations on a case-by-case basis.       

Monitoring/Supervision: Supervision services for children in an approved placement in TN will be conducted in accordance to Section 422 of the Federal Social Security Act, ICPC Regulation #11 Responsibility of States to Supervise Children and TN DCS Policy 16.38 Visitation, Protocol Attachment.  Children in an approved placement outside of TN will be expected to be supervised at a minimum on a monthly basis in accordance to Section 422 of the Federal Social Security Act, ICPC Regulation #11 Responsibility of States to Supervise Children and policy and practice of the receiving state.        

Reports:  Written progress reports which address the safety, well-being and achievement of permanency of the child’s placement and continued appropriateness of the resource are filed quarterly unless otherwise authorized or dictated by circumstances. Written reports will be documented on the form and in the electronic format as proposed in ICPC Regulation #11 and TN DCS policy and practice and/or policy and practice of the receiving state.  

Permanency/Closure:  Jurisdiction over the child is retained until the child is adopted, reaches majority, becomes self-supporting or is discharged with concurrence of the appropriate authority in the receiving state and appropriate documentation received which allows proper administrator to authorize the closure of the ICPC record.  (TCA 37-4-201 et seq.)


Definition:  Foster Care or preliminary to Adoption (TCA sec 37-4-201 et seq.)  Defined as 24 hour a day arrangements for the care of a child in the home of a parent or relative or unrelated individual or a boarding home or child-caring agency or institution. Includes placements with parent, relative and non-parent, foster family care, licensed child-caring institution, licensed group home, licensed residential treatment facility, licensed institutional care for an adjudicated delinquent and preliminary to an adoption. (Reference: TCA 37-5-501 et seq.) Does not include any institution caring for the mentally ill, mentally challenged or epileptic or any institution primarily educational in character or any hospital or other medical facility.  (TCA  sec 37-4-201 et seq.)

Licensing Requirements:

TN Department of Children’s Services (DCS): Child-caring institutions (13 or more children), child placing agencies placing children for foster care or adoption, group care homes (7-12 children),

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Procedures Manual

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