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for an additional thirty (30) days at which time a decision will be made to close the ICPC instance.       


All ICPC Referrals must meet minimum requirements to be processed to the Receiving State.  No limitations exist on the number of ICPC Referrals that may be submitted by TN DCS Regional staff.  No limitations exist pertaining to a timeframe within which an ICPC Referral may be submitted except as documented in Section I, B. Unique Referrals and Appendix B, Border Agreements, which involve TN DCS placements only.  


The TN ICPC Administrator/Alternate will process all complete ICPC Referrals to the Receiving State ICPC office either by scan/e-mail or in paper form by mail within three (3) business days unless otherwise specified.  Please note that some ICPC Party States are not equipped with personnel and equipment to accept ICPC Referrals or other documents in any electronic medium or their policy limits use of electronic medium to emergency only.  A copy of the ICPC transmittals and other supporting documents will be scanned/e-mailed to the TN DCS Regional staff, or appropriate TN party for their record; an electronic notation including the date of the transaction will be entered in the TFACTS by the TN ICPC Administrator/Alternate. A copy of the ICPC transmittals and other supporting documents will be scanned/e-mailed or mailed or faxed the other TN parties depending upon their ability to accept electronic transmittals or paper.


Pending the issuance of a written decision by the receiving State ICPC office regarding placement of the child with that out-of-state resource, the TN DCS Regional staff is not authorized to place the child across state lines under the ICPC. The TN DCS Regional staff, responsible for planning for the child is responsible to maintain the child in an intra-state placement pending determination of appropriateness of the out-of-state resource per the ICPC.

F.  Study:

Article I (b) “The appropriate authorities in a state where a child is to be placed may have full opportunity to ascertain the circumstances of the proposed placement, thereby promoting full compliance with applicable requirements for the protection of the child.”


The Receiving State ICPC Administrator will assign the TN ICPC Referral to the appropriate local public agency/contract agency in their State or the private licensed agency as designated on the purchase of service agreement to conduct an assessment or study on the placement resource.  In ICPC referrals to Residential Treatment Centers, the “assignment” involves verification of the RTC licensure.      


Upon assignment, the Receiving State Administrator may request additional or supporting information as it may deem necessary to conduct a valid assessment or study of the proposed resource.


Requests for additional or supporting information from a Receiving State will be scanned/e-mailed through the TN ICPC Administrator/Alternate to the TN Regional DCS staff. Additional information requested is submitted by scan/e-mail to the TN ICPC office within ten (10) business days or less.  


All studies or assessment reports on the resource home in another State are conducted in accordance to applicable Federal and State laws and policy and licensing standards of the Receiving State. Designated public/private authorities in the receiving State determine the appropriateness of the placement resource for the specific child or children designated in the ICPC Referral based on the conclusions of their study or report or the licensing/regulatory authorities. An appeal or administrative review of the study decision or the study process is filed with the Receiving State authorities and subject to their applicable laws and policy and licensing standards.        

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Procedures Manual

Revised: January, 2012                                                                                                                           Page 22

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