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preparer will identify the purpose for the contact, provide an overview of resource parenting, the home study process and approval requirements and assess their interest.  The assigned TN DCS Regional PSD/RPS staff or designated study preparer will initiate the home study process as prescribed in relevant TN DCS Policy, Licensing Standards and as directed on the TN ICPC transmittal.


If the study or assessment report requested is not able to be completed within the projected timeline, the TN DCS Regional PSD/RPS staff is to document the barriers to completion and as appropriate, project an alternate date as to when study or report will be completed.  Such documentation is entered into TFACTS by the TN DCS Regional PSD/RPS staff and the Regional Resource Home file. Concurrently, the TN DCS Regional PSD/RPS staff will file by scan/e-mail a written status report which includes documentation of the barriers to completion, details actions steps to be taken and projects an alternate completion date with the TN ICPC Administrator/Alternate every thirty (30) days until the study is completed and/or a decision regarding the placement resource is issued.


If the requested study includes the requirement to complete PATH training, the assigned TN DCS Regional PSD/RPS staff or designated study preparer will provide the placement resource with specific information regarding the next available PATH class upon initial contact.  In addition, the assigned TN DCS Regional PSD/RPS staff or designated study preparer will address specific information regarding availability of modified PATH training format and assignment to the Regional Training Contract.


Pertinent to the type of study requested/conducted, the TN DCS Regional PSD/RPS staff or designated study preparer will document contacts of the study process, identifying progress and status of the study process either in the record and/or in the TFACTS.  


Per P.L.109-239, any study or assessment status report issued in relationship to a Relative study per TN DCS policy 16.20 Expedited Custodial Placements, or a Relative (16.20) to Foster/Adoptive Compliance under TN DCS policy 16.4 Resource Home Approval or a Foster/Adoptive Study (16.4), or a Foster/Adoptive Study per TN DCS policy 16.8 Responsibilities of Resource Homes. Re-assessment or up-date constitutes a notice of circumstances of the resource in the Receiving State.  


Per P.L.109-239, the TN ICPC Administrator/Alternate will submit the status report to the sending state, without a decision on the ICPC 100A as the study or assessment does not meet Departmental policy as an approved resource placement nor provides full legal or financial protections for the child as designated under the ICPC.  No provisional approval will be granted until and unless the TN resource meets study requirements under TN DCS Policies 16.4 Resource Home Approval, 16.8 Responsibilities of Resource Homes, 16.20 Expedited Custodial Placements as evidenced in the study document.  


Per P.L.109-239,  the Sending State will have fourteen (14) days after receipt of a notice or status report issued without a decision on the ICPC 100A to notify the TN ICPC Administrator/Alternate by written notice whether placement will be made or whether the ICPC Referral is being withdrawn or of their continued interest in pursuing the placement after approval on the ICPC 100A.


Per P. L. 109-239, the Sending State may take the following action:  


Placement Made (Violation of Article III):  Placement made without a decision on the ICPC 100A is in violation of Article III of the ICPC, places the child “at risk”.  The responsibility for the child and to the resource is vested with the Sending State. Upon notice of this action, the TN ICPC Administrator/Alternate will document the Violation of Article III in TFACTS and authorize the closure of the ICPC instance.  No further services are available under the Compact.        

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Procedures Manual

Revised: January, 2012                                                                                                                           Page 33

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