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and the study or report in Family Case File per TN DCS Policy 31.5 Organization of Family Case Files.   TN ICPC Administrator/Alternate will also enter the decision into the TFACTS.  


A placement, which is approved under the ICPC, is valid for a period of six (6) months commencing with the date when TN ICPC Administrator/Alternate signed and dated the document.  The ICPC Case remains open in the TFACTS in the caseload of the TN ICPC Administrator/Alternate for that period unless otherwise directed.   


The Resource Home can remain open pursuant to the TN DCS Unified Recruitment and Retention Plan.  The disposition of the Resource Home Case File will be in accordance to TN DCS policy 16.23 Resource Home Case Files.  


Pursuant to ICPC Regulation #2, the Sending State may request reconsideration of an ICPC placement denial issued by TN DCS Region.  The Sending State may request reconsideration of a denial within ninety (90) days from the date of the denial on the ICPC 100A.  The request can be with or without a new home study.   


Request reconsideration without a new study:  The Sending State ICPC may request TN DCS ICPC to reconsider the denial of the placement of the child with the TN placement resource by submitting to the TN ICPC Office Administrator/Alternate by scan/e-mail, a cover letter which includes an explanation for the request for reconsideration, along with a new ICPC 100A and documentation of new evidence or corrected conditions to be reviewed or re-examined and considered by the Receiving State.  The TN ICPC Administrator/Alternate will execute a new request into TFACTS and assign the request/review to the appropriate TN DCS Regional personnel.


The TN DCS Regional personnel assigned has sixty (60) calendar days from the date the formal request for reconsideration of a denial to issue a report/decision to uphold or reverse the denial previously issued.   


The TN ICPC Administer/Alternate will document the approval/denial to all parties as specified.  


After ninety (90) days from the date of the denial on the initial ICPC 100A, no further reconsideration of that decision can be made.  However, nothing precludes the Sending State from requesting a new study.  

E.  Case Management:

Article V (a): . . . The sending agency shall continue to have financial responsibility for support and maintenance of the child during the period of placement. . . (b) When the sending agency is a public agency, it may enter into an agreement with an authorized public agency or private agency in the receiving state providing for performance of one or more services in respect of such case by the latter as an agent for the sending agency”  “


The Sending State is required to file an ICPC Form 100B within the six (6) month period to notify TN DCS ICPC State Office whether the placement will be used.  


Upon receipt of the ICPC Form 100B, wherein the Sending State has advised that the approved placement will not be used, the TN ICPC Administrator/Alternate will enter    the date the Sending State has determined that the “approved placement will not be used” into TFACTS.   TN ICPC Administrator/Alternate will authorize the closure of the ICPC instance as “approved placement will not be used”.  No placement is authorized nor further services under the ICPC.  Per TN DCS policy 31.5 Organization of Family Case Files, the TN ICPC transmittal and the ICPC 100B are retained in the ICPC portion of the Family Case File subject to disposition of the record will be in accordance to the TN DCS RDA.

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Procedures Manual

Revised: January, 2012                                                                                                                           Page 37

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