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(This paragraph speaks specifically to the child or children) EXAMPLE:  

Randy and Kim are average, healthy children but Joel has been diagnosed with ADHD and attends a Special Education class as well as takes prescription medication.  Currently all three children are in the same foster home; placed on Oct. 26, 2011.  Tennessee DCS anticipates a placement wherein the siblings may remain together and with a relative if possible.  The children have been determined IV-E eligible and currently receiving medical assistance through TennCare/Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSD&T) program.    

(This paragraph outlines Departmental requests for study and services/ action pursuant to the ICPC) EXAMPLE:

American Co. TN DCS is requesting the Ohio agency to conduct an ICPC relative study on the home of the maternal aunt and uncle and provide a report/decision within sixty (60) working days. Tennessee DCS anticipates if possible a placement wherein the siblings may remain together and with a relative.  In addition, please address with the resource their viewpoint regarding the sister’s alcohol and marital issues and their stated interest in being a placement for this child/children and their interest in permanency for these children.

The placement is being viewed as temporary as the Department has determined two concurrent permanency goals for these children: (1) reunification with the mother, Ms. Smithson and (2) custody/guardianship to relative.

If the Rice’s are approved and the placement utilized, our agency would retain custody and provide the Rice’s with authorization to enroll the children in school, consent to necessary medical or surgical care, etc. Attached is a financial medical plan developed with the resource family which addresses responsibility for medical and financial support for the children, including day care and school tuition during placement up to permanency.   Upon notice of placement, TN DCS would expect a minimum of monthly supervisory contact/ supervision of the children and the resource home documented on quarterly written progress reports. During the period of placement, our Department would involve the approved resource, the children as appropriate and the Ohio agency in periodic Child and Family Team meetings to address any issues/progress, including exploration of permanency for the children, or if the placement disrupts, identify a strategy to sustain placement in the current setting or to replace the children in an alternate setting or to return the children to TN jurisdiction.   

The following documents are included:  Interstate Compact Placement Request (CS- 0525); TN ICPC Placement Resource Statement of Confirmation, Family Functional Assessment (CS-0777) on each child; Permanency Plan (CS-0577), Custody/Guardianship Order and other pertinent court documents, ICPC Medical-Financial Plan (CS-0795) and Educational Passport and School Enrollment Letter (CS-0657) and Well-Being Information and History (CS-0543).  

If you need additional information, please contact our office.   


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The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Procedures Manual

Revised: January, 2012                                                                                                                           Page 46

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