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care professional and provide documentation of their health status prior to placement of the child. Current medical status of the parental resource and other household members may be recorded on Form CS-0678 Resource Parent Medical Report, or Form CS-0427 Child’s Medical Record.  Failure to comply with this requirement may result in a delay of a decision regarding placement and/or a decision which identifies the placement as an “at risk” or a decision to deny placement.  The cost of the medical examination/report is the responsibility of the resource/household members.


Two (2) persons, who do not reside in the same home as the placement resource, must be identified and contacted for a personal reference check prior to completion of the study.  Reference checks may be written or verbal; results of reference checks must be documented and maintained in the case file.


Assigned TN DCS Regional staff will conduct a home visit to verify that the residence meets the standards outlined in Sections E & F of the TN DCS Policy 16.4 Resource Home Approval and documented on Form CS-0676 Home Safety Checklist.


Assigned TN DCS Regional staff will secure an emergency response plan documented on Form CS-0871 Emergency Response Plan Resource Family Disaster Plan from the proposed caregiver as part of the study.


All information gathered during the assessment on a parent resource is documented on Form CS-0682, Expedited Placement Assessment Summary to which is attached documentation from the interview, home visit, reference and records check including fingerprint results if available.


Utilizing the Summary and documentation, the assigned Regional Staff will document their determination as to whether the parental resource is safe and appropriate for the placement of the specific child/ren identified in the ICPC referral, utilizing strength–based approach, promoting the health, stability and well-being of the child in the family environment.  The Assigned Regional staff will document any safety issues or risks or barriers to the placement of the child as well as provide recommendations for services in our State if available.  Assigned Regional staff will provide a recommendation as to a time period for continued supervision if placement is approved or if the placement is approved, can custody be returned or transferred to the parent/guardian and ICPC services closed.   


The summary and determination/decision will be authorized and dated by the appropriate FSW/Permanency Specialist and supervisor; reviewed/authorized and dated by the RA or RA designee within twenty (20) working days of the intake.


Within twenty (20) working days of assignment, the assigned regional staff will submit one copy of either the completed study with a determination/decision (approval or denial with reasons for that decision) or a status report signed and dated as designated in item 10 above by scan/e-mail to the TN State ICPC Office attn:  ICPC Administrator/ Alternate.


A status report must document the barriers in completing the study requested in a timely manner and specify a date when the study will be completed/ a decision issued or a request to close the study as incomplete and the efforts made/reasons for such, EX. a parent cannot be located by phone, certified mail and/or a home visit, the report is submitted by scan/email to the TN ICPC office would outline all efforts/dates made to contact/locate the parent and the conclusion.


The TN DCS Regional staff will notify the parental resource in writing of the decision issued regarding the study including the reasons for the decision.

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Procedures Manual

Revised: January, 2012                                                                                                                           Page 51

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