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Border Agreement Immediate Safety Plan (BA Immediate Safety Plan)-  A plan to be completed with the agreement of the custodial parent or guardian that allows the child protective service social worker/case manager to document the immediate safety/service needs of the subject child/children.  The information assessed is documented on the Border Agreement Immediate Safety Plan.  If the situation requires a temporary placement outside the home with a kin caregiver residing in VA Judicial Districts 28, 29, or 30 or in the Northeast Region of TN, placement may be considered by following the terms of the VA/TN Border Agreement.

Border Agreement Kinship Safety Placement (Non-Custody) A placement facilitated by a social worker/case manager as part of the VA/TN Border Agreement without a state entity having to assume custody. The placement is only effective from the time the child leaves his/her home and is placed in the “kin” placement in the receiving state. Approvals are only valid for a maximum of 72 hours or 3 days; however, if the ending date falls on a holiday or weekend, the approval may be extended to the next business day or up to a maximum of 96 hours or 4 calendar days.

Border Agreement Kinship Safety Study (BA Kinship Safety Study)-  A process that a social worker/case manager completes in order to assure the child will be going to a temporary safe placement that can meet their needs.  The information gathered is documented on the form “Border Agreement Kinship Home Placement Checklist and Consent for Medical Treatment/Educational Services”.

Case Manager - The TN DCS or VA LDSS case manager or social worker responsible for investigating or assessing the family situation and determining whether or not the child is safe to remain in his/her home or is in need of being placed outside of the home. The TN DCS or VA LDSS case manager or social worker responsible to conduct a Border Agreement Kinship Safety Study.  

Compact Administrator/Deputy Compact Administrator -Each state designates a Compact Administrator who is responsible to coordinate activities under the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC)  within their jurisdiction and who, acting jointly with other jurisdictions has the power to promulgate rules and regulations to carryout more effectively the terms and provision of the ICPC.   The Deputy Compact Administrator is appointed to oversee the performance of the day-to-day tasks associated with the administration of the ICPC through the State Compact office which serves as the central clearinghouse for all interstate placements subject to compliance with the ICPC.   

CPS Investigation/ Family Assessment-  A response upon receipt of a valid child abuse and neglect report  that is conducted by TN DCS Northeast Region and/or VA LDSS that requires a collection of information necessary to determine:

Immediate safety needs of the child;

Protective and rehabilitative services needs for the child and family that deters abuse and neglect;

Risk of future harm; and

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Procedures Manual

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