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ICPC Glossary


Adoption:  (TN DCS Glossary)  The social and legal process of establishing by Court order, other than by paternity or legitimization proceedings or by voluntary acknowledgement  of paternity, the legal relationship of parent and child.  TCA 36-1-102.  ICPC Regulation #3:  The method provided by State law that establishes the legal relationship of a parent and child between persons who are not so related by birth or some other legal determination , with the same mutual right and obligations that exist between children and the birth parents.  This relationship can only be termed adoption after the legal process is complete.


Adoption Categories:  As defined under ICPC Regulation #3, (a) Independent Adoption:  adoptions arranged by a birthparent, attorney, other intermediary, adoption facilitator or other person or entity as defined by state law; (b) Private agency adoption: an adoption arranged by a licensed agency whether domestic or international that has been given legal custody or responsibility for the child including the right to place the child for adoption and (c) Public adoption:  Adoptions for public court jurisdiction cases.


Adoption Home Studies: Reference “Home studies.”  


Adjudicated delinquent:   TN DCS Glossary/ICPC Regulation #3: a person found to have committed an offense that, if committed by an adult, would be a criminal offense.


Adjudicated Status offender:  TN DCS Glossary:  (a) One who has been adjudged guilty of a status offense (unruly). (b) A term used to designate a child adjudicated by the juvenile court and placed under court supervision, but legally remaining non-delinquent. {(AKA) Child in Need of Supervision (CINS), (CHINS); Person in Need of Supervision (PINS); Deprived Child, Undisciplined Child.  ICPC Regulation #3:  a person found to have committed an offense that would not be a criminal offense if committed by an adult.  


Age of majority: TN DCS Glossary:  aka Juvenile:  A young person under the age of 18, or as defined in the local jurisdiction as under the age of majority. (Note: In the Juvenile Justice system, a juvenile may remain in the custody of DCS until age 19.) ICPC Regulation #3:  the legally defined age at which a person is considered an adult with all the attendant rights and responsibilities of adulthood.  The age of majority is defined by state laws, which vary by state and is used in Article V, “. . . reaches majority, becomes self-supporting or is discharged with the concurrence of the appropriate authority in the receiving state.”


Approved Placement:  (ICPC Article III [d]) The appropriate public authorities in the receiving state shall notify the sending agency, in writing to the effect that the proposed placement does not appear to be contrary to the interests of the child.”  ICPC Regulation #3:  The receiving state Compact Administrator has determined that “the proposed placement does not appear to be contrary to the interests of the child.”


Boarding Home: ICPC Article II (ICPC Regulation #3) as used in Article II (d) means the home of a relative or unrelated individual whether or not the placement recipient receives compensation for care or maintenance of the child, foster care payments, or any other payments or reimbursements on account of the child’s being in the home of the placement recipient (See meaning as “family free”.)


Case History:  (ICPC Regulation #3)  An organized record concerning an individual, their family and environment that included social, medical, psychological and educational history and any other additional information that may be useful in determining appropriate placement.  TN DCS/ ICPC case history includes specifically includes but is not limited to: current Family Functional Assessment (CS-0777), Well-Being Information and History (CS-0543), and

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Procedures Manual

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