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Emancipation: (TN DCS Glossary) Emancipated minor: A person under the age of 18 years of age who is totally self-supporting. Or Emancipation to Adulthood: When a youth adjudicated dependent/neglect or unruly reaches the age of 18 or when a delinquent youth reaches the age of 19 and services or custody with DCS are discontinued, the youth is said to have “Emancipated to Adulthood”.  ICPC Regulation #3: the point at which a minor becomes self-supporting assumes adult responsibility for his or her welfare and is no longer under the care of his or her parents or child-placing agency by operation of law or court order.


Emergency Placement:  (TN DCS Glossary) Any event in which a child/youth placed in an out-of-home care setting poses an imminent or immediate risk of harm to the physical safety of himself/herself or other individuals. Emergency Confinement: The confinement of a youth (without due process) in a secure setting as   ICPC Regulation #3 a temporary placement of 30 days or less in duration.   


Family Free or Boarding Home:  The home of a parent, relative or unrelated individual whether or not the placement recipient received compensation for care or maintenance of the child, foster care payment or any other payments or reimbursements on account of the child’s being in the home of the placement recipient.  (See Boarding Home)


Family Service Worker (FSW):  (TN DCS Glossary) A DCS term used to identify the position previously known as the DCS case manager or home county case manager.  The person is principally responsible for the case and has the primary responsibility of building, preparing, supporting, and maintaining the Child and Family Team as the child and family move to permanence.


Family Unit:  A group of individuals living in one household.  


Foster Care:  Care of a child on a twenty-four (24) a day basis away from the home of the child’s parents.  Such care may be by a non-custodial parent, relative of the child, by a non-related individual, by a group home or by a licensed residential treatment facility or any other entity.  In addition, if twenty-four (24) hour a day care is provided by the child’s parents by reason of a court ordered placement (and not by virtue of the parent-child relationship), the care is foster care.


Foster Parent:  A person, including a relative or non-relative, licensed to provide a home for orphaned, abused, neglected, delinquent or disabled children, usually with approval of the government or a social service agency.  


Guardian: A public or private agency, organization or institution which holds a valid and effective permanent appointment from a court of competent jurisdiction to have custody and control of a child, to plan for the child and to do all other things for or on behalf of the child which a parent would have the authority and responsibility for doing by virtue of an unrestricted parent-child relationship.  Guardian also means an individual who is a non-agency guardian who holds a currently valid appointment from a court of competent jurisdiction to have all of the authority and responsibility as defined above. (ICPC Regulation #10 and Regulation #3)


Guardianship Appointment-Permanent:  An appointment is permanent for purposes of the ICPC if the appointment would allow the guardianship to endure until the child’s age of majority without any court review, subsequent to the appointment , of the care that the guardian provides or the status of other permanency planning which the guardian has a professional obligation to carry out.  (See Legal Guardianship)


Home Study: For purposes of PL 109-239, “home study” means an evaluation of a home environment conducted in accordance with applicable requirements of the State in which the home is located, to determine whether a proposed placement of a child would meet the individual needs of the child, including the child’s safety, permanency, health, well-

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Procedures Manual

Revised: January, 2012                                                                                                                           Page 73

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