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Receiving State:  The party state to which a child is sent, brought, or caused to be sent or brought, whether by public authorities, courts or private persons or agencies, and whether for placement with state or local public authorities or for placement with private agencies or persons.


Resource Parent Support (RPS):   (TN DCS Glossary) A DCS term is used to identify regional staff previously known as Resource or Foster Parent Support or Residential Case Management or Resource Managers and Recruiters who are currently combined into the Resource Parent Support division.  


Safe and Timely Interstate Study Report:  Per P.L. 109-239, a State is required to complete and report on foster and adoptive home studies requested by another State within sixty (60) calendar days of receipt of the request.  If the requirements for the foster or adoptive study requested cannot be completed within the 60 calendar day period, the “report” is necessary to document the progress toward completion of the study, identifies the barriers to completion of that study and projects a timeframe in which it is anticipated that the foster or adoptive study will be completed and a decision issued.  Such a report is due at the 60 calendar day juncture and every thirty (30) days thereafter until the study is complete and a decision is issued regarding placement.  Maximum time frame to complete a foster or adoptive study per ICPC Regulation #2 is 180 days.


Sending State:  A party state, officer or employee thereof; a subdivision of a party state, or officer or employee thereof; a court of a party state; a person, corporation, association, charitable agency or other entity which sends, brings or causes to be sent or brought any child to another party state.


Supervision:  Monitoring of a child and the child’s living situation by the receiving state after the child has been placed pursuant to an approved placement under Article III (d) of the ICPC or pursuant to a child’s relocation to a receiving state in accordance with Regulation 1 of the ICPC.  


Timely Interstate Home Study:  Per P.L. 109-239, the term ‘ timely interstate home study’ means an Interstate Home Study completed by a receiving State within 30 working days after receipt of an ICPC request which meets all statutory requirements of the applicable Interstate Compact statute from a  sending State.  A Timely Interstate Home Study will meet all requirements under TN DCS Policy 16.20, and will include a child-specific recommendation for the placement of the child and will identify further requirements per TN DCS policy that must be met.


TN DCS Regional Staff:  References to TN DCS Regional Staff throughout this document may be specific, such as TN DCS Regional FWS or PSD or generic example, home study preparer or educational support staff.  However, the term designates where primary responsibility for the action on behalf of the child or family resides.    


Types of “home study” as defined in ICPC Regulation #3:    


Adoption Study: A study conducted for the purpose of placing a child for adoption with a placement resource.  The adoption study is the assessment and evaluation of a prospective adoptive parent(s);


Foster Study:  A study conducted for the purpose of placing a child with a placement resource  who is required to be licensed or approved in accordance with federal and/or receiving state law;


Parent study:  Applies to the study conducted to determine whether a parent placement meets the standards for reunification of a child with a parent.  

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children Procedures Manual

Revised: January, 2012                                                                                                                           Page 77

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