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Orleans dedicated to the empowerment of Vietnamese American and underrepresented youth through services, cultural enrichment, and social change.

Young community leaders founded VAYLA-NO in 2006 as a means to reach out to the larger community to create a voice and organize to address the needs in the local community. Committed to youth development, community empowerment, higher education, and cultural awareness, VAYLA-NO is composed of young leaders, high school and college students who want to engage and empower others educationally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

VAYLA’s goals are to address the needs of the local community; encourage participation and involvement within the community; be role models in the community; impact younger generations by creating paths, open doors and be a resource; and outreach to youth and other communities.

For more information about VAYLA-NO, go to their website at www.vayla-no.org.

Young People’s Project

YPP uses math literacy as a tool to develop young leaders and organizers who radically change the quality of education and life in their communities so that all children have the opportunity to reach their full human potential. In Jackson, MS, college and high school students have adopted the following statement to help guide their work: “YPP is a community of youth guiding youth, advocating for a quality education in traditionally poor and underserved communities, through the use of math literacy and civil rights programs and workshops.”

The goal of YPP Jackson is to expand the work both state-wide and in the region and to be a catalyst for the

growth and development of programs in the Mississippi Delta, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and New Orleans, which engages college and high school students as catalysts for and organizers of efforts to change the quality of education that all children receive. Through community events and demonstration workshops facilitated throughout these communities, YPP seeks to begin developing a regional network of young people who invest in education as a means to build community.

To learn more about Young People’s Project in Jackson, go to their website at



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