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Commander SEVENTH Fleet Commander Naval Forces Japan Commander Fleet Air Western Pacific Chief of Staff Self Defense Fleet (Japan) Staff Fleet Escort FIVE Submarine Flotilla SEVEN

The ship's company welcomed Captain William A. KANAKANUI, Jr., the new Commanding Officer for OKLAHOMA CITY. They also bid fond farewell to the departing Commanding Officer, Captain John J. TICE III. At 1057, Captain J. J. TICE III read his orders followed by the reading of Captain W. A. KANAKANUI, Jr.'s orders. At 1106, Captain KANAKANUI hoisted his commissioning pennant. At 1119 Captain J. J. TICE III departed the USS OKLAHOMA CITY with appropriate honors.

On 23 June OKLAHOMA CITY once again returned to Naval gunfire support station near Quang Tri City as a unit of TU 70.8.9. With her powerful 6"/47 and 5"/38 guns she continued to provide the much needed naval gunfire in support of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam. The remainder of June and most of July was spent providing gunfire support in the vicinity of the DMZ as a member of TU 70.8.9 with breaks only long enough to allow for refueling, rearming and replenishing from SEVENTH Fleet mobile logistic support ships. During the month of July OKLAHOMA CITY fired 2,292 rounds of 5"/38 and 2,597 rounds of 6"/47 projectiles while conducting a total of 76 naval gunfire support missions.

OKLAHOMA CITY returned to Yokosuka on 28 July for a pro- grammed upkeep and maintenance period at the Ship Repair Facility, Yokosuka, Japan. However, this upkeep period evolved into the second phase of OKLAHOMA CITY's incremental overhaul/ restricted availability which kept her in Yokosuka until 22 September. The overhaul saw many changes to the internal appearance of the ship as well as overhauling machinery, engines and equipment and refurbishment of the TALOS missile system. Of extreme importance to the welfare and morale of the crew was complete refurbishment of the crew's messdecks, galley and lounge which turned a previously drab area into a modern efficient dining and lounging area. Commander SEVENTH Fleet received calls by Japanese dignitaries during the over- haul including Mr. FUNADA, Speaker of the Japanese House of Representatives.

Once the overhaul was completed, OKLAHOMA CITY left Yokosuka en route to the gunline off RVN via Subic Bay. Once on the gunline in the vicinity of the DMZ she was again to provide naval gunfire as a member of TG 75.9 (formerly TU 70.8.9) in support of RVN marine units. Compared to the heavy gunline missions of April, May and early June, the latter half of September and early October resulted in a less intense schedule of gunfire support, rearming, refueling and replenishing.


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