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missions into North Vietnam and included such locations as an AAW site and highway bridge near TU DUNG; AAW site and communications station and bridge near HUANG TRUNG; CD sites and petroleum storage area vicinity 17-50N 106-27E; and army barracks and storage area near HOA DINH. Observations from spotters and reconnaissance planes indicated the success of the "Linebacker" strikes.

On 2 May the OKLAHOMA CITY was detached from TU 70.8.9 and left the gunline for regunning of the main battery at Subic Bay. Once back on the line the ship, in company with the

USS NEWPORT NEWS Fleet supporting DO SON Peninsula strikes were the Hostile fire was

(CG-148), USS PROVIDENCE (CLG-6) and SEVENTH destroyers conducted special operations off at the entrance to Haiphong Harbor. These first multi-cruiser strikes since World War II. again received with several rounds as close as

50 yards from the ship. On completion of assigned strike missions OKLAHOMA CITY returned to the vicinity of the DMZ to provide naval gunfire in support of an RVN marine division. The remainder of May 1972 saw OKLAHOMA CITY actively providing naval gunfire support for RVN units pausing only long enough to rearm, refuel, or replenish from units of the Service Force ships USS HASSAYAMPA (AO-145); USS MOUNT HOOD (AE-29) and USS MARS (AFS-1).

On 23 May 1972, while at sea on the gunline, VADM J. L. HOLLOWAY, III, USN relieved VADM W. P. MACK, USN as Commander SEVENTH Fleet.

The month of June was both a strenuous and a colorful month for the men of the OKLAHOMA CITY. During this short period of time the OKLAHOMA CITY, in accordance with Commander SEVENTH Fleet employment schedule, conducted naval gunfire support in northern military region one, RVN. As a major combatant for Commander Task Group 70.8.9 she provided powerful naval gunfire support for the Army of the Republic of Vietnam Forces conducting fierce ground fighting in defense of the area near Quang Tri City with her long range, highly capable 6"/47 and 5"/38 guns. Upon completion of the rendezvous the OKLAHOMA CITY departed the Gulf of Tonkin for a well deserved two weeks rest at her homeport, Yokosuka, Japan. During her journey homeward she participated in three TALOS missile exercises in the Okinawa operation area.

During the inport period from the tenth of June to the twenty-third the men of the OKLAHOMA CITY had an opportunity besides taking a well deserved rest with their loved ones to participate in a colorful and ceremonious change of command. The following dignitaries attended the ceremony:


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