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Minutes Board of Directors Meeting Greensboro, N.C., September 18, 2005

Action items:

1. MSA to allow O*H*I*O Masters to go forward with online entry for the One Hour Postal.

President Rob Copeland called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m., and thanked everyone for volunteering. Members of the Board in attendance were Leo Letendre (Vice President of National Operations), Julie Heather (Vice President of Local Operations), Mark Gill (Vice President of Member Services), Michael Heather (Vice President of Community Services), Meg Smath (Secretary), Tom Boak (Treasurer), Jim Miller (Immediate Past President), Patty Miller (Legal Counsel), Betsy Durrant (Colonies Zone Director), Jerry Clark (Dixie Zone Director), Nadine Day (Great Lakes Zone Director), Jeanne Ensign (Northwest Zone Director), Michael Moore (Oceana Zone Director), Carolyn Boak (South Central Zone Director), Laura Winslow (Southwest Zone Director) and Ted Haartz (Past President). Also in attendance were Tracy Grilli (National Office Administrator), Anthony Thompson, Mary Pohlmann, Sandi Rousseau, Dan Cox, Laura Kessler, Susan Ehringer, John Bauman, Sarah Welch, Bill Tingley and Myriam Pero. Dale Neuberger (USAS President) also attended part of the meeting.

Online entry for One Hour Postal. Dan Cox, representing O*H*I*O Masters, showed a proposed online entry form, and asked for permission to use it. Patty summarized the primary risks and legal issues for using online entry. MSA that we allow O*H*I*O Masters to go forward with the online entry. Jim asked if the hosts will be using the USMS merchant account, and Tracy said yes if the account is up and running to handle multiple events by then.

All Americas LATyCAR meet. Dale Neuberger, president of USAS, arrived to discuss possible FINA sanctions against swimmers participating in this meet. The email received from Orban Mendoza, president of ASUA, last week indicated the meet was unsanctioned, unapproved or unrecognized by the Brazilian equivalent of USAS. The purpose of the cited FINA rule is to protect national federations from outside promoters setting up an alternative system that could threaten a federation. Profit-making ventures are of particular concern. It was pointed out that it is our understanding that although the meet is not recognized by the Brazilian Swimming Federation (Brazil’s USAS equivalent), it has been recognized by the Brazilian Masters federation. Mr. Mendoza wants all federations in the Americas to inform their swimmers that they may be at risk of a minimum one-year suspension if they participate in the meet. There is a potential impact on the World Championships at Stanford, because swimmers competing in the event in Brazil may jeopardize their eligibility to compete in Worlds. The timing of the warning puts competitors in a difficult situation, because they have probably already booked flights and hotels and paid entry fees. Dale will talk to Mr. Mendoza the next day,

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