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Invisible Emotions: Attitudes towards the Death of the Young in the Roman World

Ethnography in Roman Foreign Policy Discourse

Women in Horace Odes 3.7-12

12.30-1.00 pm

Jo-Marie Claassen

The Tale of Grandfather

Walter Scheidel

The Roman and Han Empires: From the Great Convergence to the First Great Divergence

Jana Adamitis

Horace, Augustus and Empire

1.00 – 2.00 pm

LUNCH: Centre for African Studies, Oppenheimer Building

Session 3

Chair: François Retief



2.00 – 2.30 pm

Jacques Jouanna

The Four Humors and the Four Temperaments in Greek Medicine

Albert Coetsee

Seneca’s View on Public Service and Submission to the Authorities

Johan Thom

Hermeneutic Pressure and Identity in the Pythagorean Akousmata Collection

2.30 – 3.00 pm

Louise Cilliers

The Role of Roman North Africa in the Preservation and Transmission of Medical Knowledge

Johan Strijdom

Ways of Resisting Empire and Alternatives to Empire

Todd Mei

Reinterpreting the Ancient Greek Conception of Work through Aristotle’s Ethics

3.00-3.30 pm

Victor D’Assonville

Ancient Physicians as Authority on Translations from Greek into Latin

Bill Henderson

Foxy or Out-foxed Citizens? Solon, fr. 11 West

Philip Bosman

‘Defacing the Currency’: Money and Morals in Ancient Cynicism

3.30-4.00 pm

TEA/COFFEE in Beattie Foyer

Session 4

Chair: Patricia Baker

Chair: Jo-Marie Claassen

Chair: Richard Whitaker

4.00-4.30 pm

Florence Bourbon

Necessity and Opportunity in the Hippocratic Gynaecological Treatises

Susan Haskins

Female Sexual Disempowerment as a recurrent Theme in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses

Peter Tennant

Reading between the Loins: the Male Physique in Greek Sculpture

4.30-5.00 pm

Roberto Lo Presti

Traditional Views on Sense-perception as a “Cognitive

Mike Lambert

Corporeal Empires: Mapping Women’s Bodies in Classical and

Adrian Ryan

A Princeton Painter Vase in the Museum of Classical Archaeology

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