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  • Checking and reading email – to check for new email, click the Mail icon at the top edge of the

screen (see illustration below).

To read email, click on the row of information for the email in question. If you click once, the email will appear in the preview panel below the list of emails. If you click twice, it will appear in a new window – it will depend in part on the preferences the customer has enabled (more on that later).

  • Forwarding and Replying to email – when viewing an email, you will have toolbar buttons above the email itself that allow you to “Reply”, “Reply All”, “Forward”, or Flag email as read, unread, or junk.


Since this tool sometimes relies on a new window to pop up, make sure you do not have a pop-up blocker enabled that will block this. In Internet Explorer, you can go to Tools > Pop Up Blocker to turn it off. Google and Yahoo also furnish toolbars with their own blockers that need to be turned off using their specified procedures.

Deleting Email – To delete email, use the red “X” icon on the toolbar above the email. If you are on

the main mail screen and do not see the icon right away, click on the “

” icon in the upper right corner of

the mail interface, then choose the delete icon from the list that comes up (see next page)

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