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10 QUESTIONS with Lorraine Lingard

Hometown Perth

How long have you lived in New York? 18 months

What neighbourhood or borough do you live in? Upper Eastside

What brought you here? My husband Bill works with Alcoa so I am a trailing spouse in company terms or a dependant alien in US government classification. For me it means I can play while others toil.

What do you do? I have become a yoga regular, continue my Italian language struggle, and explore as much of New York as possible and search for one good cup of coffee a day.

What do you love most about New York? The variety of neighbourhoods, being able to identify the location of most scenes in any film shot here and the arts. Particularly I love the ability to look at a single theme at a museum or gallery without feeling compelled to do all the floors and becoming overwhelmed. We have thoroughly enjoyed our annual subscriptions to both MOMA and the Metropolitan.

What do you love least about New York? Drivers that ignore the walk signs. Attempting to get a taxi about 3-4 pm as it is shift rotation time. Subway dirt. Restaurants that have multiple sittings and hurry the experience. Tipping.

Favorite NY spot? It has to be Central Park in all 4 seasons.

Memorable “only in New York” moment? Filming of so many shows on the streets, parades that go on all day and the subway entertainment

What do you miss most about Australia? Quiet(no sirens), clean air, the ocean and river walks and gardening.


November 2010


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