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Over 4,000 cars to choose from There are over 4,000 cars available to lease through Motability. To get you the best price, we renegotiate the car prices with manufac- turers every three months. To see the entire range available now and search to find your perfect car, visit our ‘Searchable Price Guide’ at www.motability.co.uk

Price guarantee We offer a firm ‘price guarantee’ to our customers, which means that the price you agree with your dealer when your order is processed, is the price you will pay when you collect your car. The only time a price will change is if the car description is changed after the original order.

Option to trade-in your old car You can trade-in your old car at over a quarter of our dealerships, and use the value of your old car to help finance the advance payment of your new car. This means you don’t have any sell-on worries or delays between cars. Find out which of your local dealerships offer this option by using our ‘Find a Dealer’ tool at www.motability.co.uk

Fuel efficient cars We offer around 300 lower emission ‘green’ cars. Not only do these vehicles have a less harmful effect on the environment, but they generally cost less to run too.

You don’t have to drive Another great benefit of Motability is that you can still lease a new car even if you don’t drive. You simply nominate up to two drivers to help make motoring easier.


You can get a car on behalf of your child Parents of eligible children aged three or over can get a car on their behalf. This allows both the disabled child and their carers/families to enjoy greater independence and mobility.

No forms, no paper work, no medicals Plus, there are no medical questions, no credit checks and no waiting lists.

Over 200 cars have no advance payment Some larger or high specification cars require an additional upfront payment (or advance payment as we call it) to cover the difference between the cost of your car and your allowance; however there is a range of over 200 cars available with no advance payment. There are even some cars available that cost less than your weekly allowance, meaning you get some cash back!

Opportunity to buy your car at the end of the contract Once your contract is over, there may be the opportunity to buy your car. If you would like to do this, call our Customer Services team and they will send you a quote a few weeks before the end of your contract.

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