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1265 – Information Technology Investment Management (ITIM) [PUBLIC]


B. Assistant Directors (AD’s) are officially designated as the owners of information systems and data supporting the program areas within their jurisdictions. AD’s are responsible for ensuring that CPIC process objectives are carried out within their areas of responsibility and that skilled IRM advisors and project managers are assigned to oversee and manage all IT investments under their span of control.

C. State Directors (SD’s) and Center Directors (CD’s) are responsible for ensuring that the CPIC process objectives are carried out within their organizations for those IT assets and investments within their areas of responsibility. Additionally, they ensure that qualified project managers are assigned for all formal IT activities designated as projects. SD’s and CD’s are the system owners for IT assets and information unique to their organizations.

D. Organizations responsible for ensuring that proposed investments meet the BLM’s strategic, business, and technical objectives are:

  • 1.

    Information Technology Investment Board (ITIB) – Roles and responsibilities are outlined in the ITIB Charter that can be found at the BLM CPIC Website. The ITIB is responsible for selecting, controlling, and evaluating all IT enterprise and national level IT investments. The ITIB is the governing board which reviews executive input and recommendations in order to make effective decisions on IT investments across the BLM. Additionally, the ITIB serves as a forum for executive level evaluation and control of the use and cost of BLM information systems (software) and technology (hardware and infrastructure) investments.

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    BLM State, Center, and Washington Offices (WO) – States, Centers, and the WO are responsible for selecting, controlling, and evaluating all IT investments unique to those Offices which do not exceed $500K in total life-cycle costs. States, Centers, and the WO are not required to have individual ITIBs. However, each Office is required to review IT investments through a documented process, utilize decision criteria, document deliberations, track outcomes, and evaluate results.


Offices and Personnel - The following support staff, offices, officially sanctioned

national teams, and/or

functionally designated personnel are responsible for implementing and

executing the ITIM and CPIC processes:

  • 1.

    System Owner – A system owner may be an AD, SD, or CD having assigned responsibilities to ensures that all IT assets and information which comprise an automated system are evaluated on an annual basis and receive an appropriate level of funding for operations and maintenance. The system owner is also responsible for identifying and assigning project sponsors, project managers, system managers and/or user representatives.

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    Project Sponsor – A project sponsor may be a WO, State, Center, or Field Office manager who authorizes the development of a business case. The project sponsor is responsible for providing programmatic oversight and support to a project manager throughout the life cycle of the investment which includes approving all budget

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