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planning, funding, accounting, adjusting, and auditing activities in order to ensure fiscal integrity through the implementation and exercise of adequate financial controls. The project sponsor’s role diminishes and may be terminated or re-assigned to the system manager/user representative by the system owner when the project reaches operational status.

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    Project Manager – The project manager is responsible for development of all proposals, plans, budgets, documentation, contractual and organizational/staffing requirements, and briefing materials associated with a formally designated IRM project. The project manager reports directly to the project sponsor and reports on all applicable matters to the ITIB. Ultimately, the project manager is responsible for the successful management and completion of one or more projects approved by the ITIB.

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    System Manager/User Representative – User representatives provide program oversight of operationally deployed systems. Generally, the system manager and the user representative are the same official unless the scope, size, or complexity of the system warrants multiple user representatives. The user representative is the focal point of contact for mission/program personnel who use the application system in carrying out their work and that of BLM. User representatives collect information on system performance, errors, improvement requests, training needs, and policy changes which affect system operational requirements. The user representative follows established procedures for communicating these matters to the project manager or designated IRM personnel who maintain the application or who conduct development work.

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    Division of Investment Management (AD-550) – This Division, within the AD-IRM Directorate, is responsible for monitoring all IT investments and projects to ensure they are aligned with the ITIM’s Select, Control and Evaluate criteria. AD-550 coordinates with other organizations to ensure that projects are consistent with the BLM’s Architecture, Security, Records, and functional policies and requirements. Additionally, as the conduit to the ITIB, this organization monitors the project’s performance (scope, schedule, and budget) during the Control Phase of the project’s life cycle and coordinates all other national IT investments and acquisition management activities falling under the purview of IRM CPIC. This team is also responsible for developing and modifying the IT Portfolio selection criteria for ITIB approval.

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    Chief Information Officers Council (CIOC): The CIOC consists of State and Center CIOs responsible for their jurisdictional IRM operations and the IRM Advisors responsible for the coordination of national business applications. Operating under the authority of the BLM CIO, the Chairman of the CIOC advises the BLM’s CIO, the National Operations Center, and senior management on information resources management and information technology issues.

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