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Again the work began and we were left spending every morsel of our time practising for The Hague.

The day of our flights loomed ever closer but alas disaster struck in the shape of Iceland and its leaky volcano! Ash clouds filled the skies and all flights were grounded. Some quick thinking took us to the Eurostar and soon we were speeding through the tunnel a few hours later and we arrived in Den Haag. Such a beautiful city!

In between our moots the work continued without spare time to see the city. We did however have a little time to meet some of the other teams all of whom were lovely and that I can safely say I’m still in contact with now! When the finalists were announced the feeling of shock was surreal. Germany had been announced as finalist for the Applicants and I can still remember the exact words the Mayor used to say that we would be joining them; ‘and for the Applicants, it looks like this is going to be quite a traditional fight, it’s England!’ We squealed, we yelled, we were ecstatic! Although it meant that we could not attend the party on the beach that night, as our coach then whisked us back to the hotel to get to work for the next day.

With very little sleep the Respondents dressed, unable to think of anything but the fact that we were, in a mere few hours, to be speaking in front of two ICJ judges and Professor Dugard in the Grand Chamber of the ICJ itself! Terrifying enough as that would be it was made all the more so by the fact that every other team in the competition would be sat right behind us watching every move we made.

The moot was tight, our competitors were good, and no-one dared to think what the outcome would be. When we all re-gathered in the Grand chamber for the announcement our stomachs flipped and hearts fluttered. The panel walked in slowly and took their seats while Judge Koroma the president of the panel began to speak. We listened intently not daring to breathe and gripping each others hands under the table when suddenly we heard the all important sentence; ‘we have decided in favour of the Respondents’. Our coaches screamed and whooped with happiness, myself and my co agent however, just seemed to collapse in the shock of the moment before finally grinning and joining the excitement of the rest. The rest of the announcements and prizes were given out, although it was hard to concentrate on everything else that was going on. All we could think about was how the journey was over - our little family had over come that final frontier to claim victory of Telders 2010!


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