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Personally, the most abiding memory for me is that the wonderful thing about Telders is the social meritocracy it represents. This is the idea of allowing a law student to come from anywhere in the world and then work hard to be rewarded with the opportunity to plead in the halls of the Peace Palace.


Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Having booked flights with Amsterdam as the destination, the Portuguese team was ready, or so it seemed, to embark on the challenge set by Telders International Law Moot Court Competition 2010. On the 16th April we realized there was a significant possibility of flights being cancelled, and airports closing due to the eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull. After extensive hours of team work, and in fear of not being able to reach Den Haag in time, our team decided to react, booking flights to Geneva, for the next morning. However, our fears were confirmed, and moments later it was announced that numerous airports in Central Europe had closed down. With a map of Europe spread out on a table, and extremely preoccupied collective mentality, we realized that we were left with only two options: attempting to book flights to Madrid, and try to find available seats on the TGV, or drive from Lisbon, to Den Haag. After much deliberation, we chose the latter. Departing on the 17th April, at 9am, Portugal began its long and strenuous journey. Crossing Portugal, Spain, France and finally Belgium, our team managed to enter the Netherlands with great joy and sense of achievement. 48 hours on the road, 2242 km after, the Portuguese team was settled in Den Haag, ready to tackle problems of International Law instead of logistical issues concerning our bizarre journey. Thankfully the competition went well and it was extremely pleasing to be able to meet various students from all over Europe, as well as other various interesting people we wouldn't have otherwise met. We would like to thank all those who helped organizing this years competition, for having performed such a superb job, as everything was extremely well coordinated and organized. Without you, and your constant help throughout this journey, we would not have made it, at least safe and sound. We would also have to thank everyone else who participated in this years competition for having such a good spirit and disposition, and allowing this competition to be as successful as it has always been. It was a great honour to be able to participate in Telders 2010, and we shall be sure to pass on the word to other eager law students, to bolster the passion and enthusiasm for International Law.


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