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all my students for whom I try to compile all that may be useful for their professional lives in the more practical way.

I really enjoy the competition… After each session I’d like to congratulate the students in a very effusive way!

And I cannot but remind, before each of the sessions I preside over starts, that this competition would not have been possible without a great man, professor, and his legacy: in some way, Benjamin Marius Telders is present nowadays with all of us. We owe him a tribute, for thanks to him we can enjoy this wonderful experience today.

I must confess that when I think in how much time the students spent in the preparation of their oral pleadings, I debate with myself as a judge whether I should go too far in the queries I ask them. For they work hard and make their best efforts by studying and practicing/rehearsing again and again to the great moment at The Hague. How many questions should we pose?

However, we must appraise the oral skills that they show in their answers, arguments and knowledge on all the subjects related to the case of the Treasure Sea, so questions are unavoidably coming.

I always think on what professor Telders would do in our position as judges? I’m sure he would enjoy so much asking and debating with each and every “agent”. For all of these reasons, I am very honored for having received this award. I cannot describe what it means to me, as professor of International law, but above all, as a person.

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to the Telders Organizing Office, for they always have a smile for all of us, and for their great work capacity.

My most heartfelt congratulations to all the teams for their very good job: they all have won in some way. My enormous gratitude to my colleagues, because I always learn something new from them. I share with them this invaluable award and these unforgettable days

Finally, my deepest devotion and love for the person I have in mind since long time ago when I go to the university and when my lectures on international law start: professor Benjamin Marius Telders.


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