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43D of the Act,

(d) a services list referred to in section 8ZA of the National Health Service (Primary Care) Act 1997,

(e) a list corresponding to a services list prepared by virtue of regulations made under section 41 of the Health and Social Care Act 2001, or

(f) a list corresponding to any of the above lists in Scotland or Northern Ireland;

“Registered Patient” means a person who is recorded by the PCT as being on the list of patients of a provider of primary medical services;

“Relevant Register” means:

(a) in relation to a nurse, the Nursing and Midwifery Register; and

(b)in relation to a pharmacist, the register maintained in pursuance of section 2(1) of the Pharmacy Act 1954 or the register maintained in pursuance of Articles 6 and 9 of the Pharmacy (Northern Ireland) Order 1976;

“Relevant Strategic Health Authority” means the Strategic Health Authority established for an area which includes the area for which the PCT is established;

“Repeatable Prescription” means a prescription contained in a form provided by the PCT and issued by a Prescriber to enable a person to obtain pharmaceutical services or Local Pharmaceutical Services, which is in the format specified in Part 1 of Schedule 1 to the National Health Service (Personal Medical Services Agreements) Regulations 2004 and which:

(a) is generated by computer but signed by a Prescriber; and

(b) indicates that the drugs, medicines and Appliances ordered on that form may be provided more than once, and specifies the number of occasions on which they may be provided;

“Restricted Availability Appliance” means an appliance which is approved for particular categories of persons or particular purposes only;

“Scheduled Drug” means:

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